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4 of the best sport steering wheel in the world

>Probably every motorist dreamed of putting such a steering wheel on his car that would look just super and was incredibly comfortable. Usually, choose a sports steering wheel, which is more like the stronger sex, respecting the aggressive and

The penalty for hitting a pedestrian

Every driver must be driving extremely attentive. This is due to the fact that the vehicle is not only a convenient helper, but also a source of danger. In this case, for the damage caused physical, moral or material full responsibility is borne by

Do-it-yourself hall sensor check

Pulse speed sensor, among motorists better known as the Hall sensor, it is very simple in design, but very important element of the ignition system. On modern cars, it replaces the classic contact breaker. On engines with a classic ignition system,

How to unlock the alarm

Not one modern car now can not be equipped with an anti-theft system (alarm). The market of car security systems is a huge selection of different alarms - the usual sound, with feedback, with remote engine start, etc. But this is all electronics, and

Comparison of anti-foggers for car windows - which tool is

>Most of the drivers during their experience of travel came in a situation when the misted glass brought serious discomfort. Particularly unpleasant is that it manifests itself in rain, snow or fog - when road conditions are the most dangerous. In

Rating wiper frameless brushes

>Safety during the movement consists of a variety of facts, ranging from the health of any node of the vehicle and ending with the smallest details.TOP frameless wiper blades.Читать далее про лучшие бескаркасные щётки стеклоочистителя-->The

Removing and cleaning the throttle: causes of pollution

There are a number of reasons why the throttle valve is contaminated with all sorts of sediments. The main reason is the oily dust, which penetrates through the ventilation pipe of the crankcase gases from under the valve cover. Oil is deposited on

Jeep postponed the launch of the new grand wagoneer

The American concern Jeep decided to postpone the release of a large Grand Wagoneer SUV. It is known that the company's engineers encountered difficulties in adapting the Jeep Grand Cherokee chassis for the new model. It is not excluded that the

Pro car tire pressure

Driving responsibility implies not only concentration of attention while driving, but also control over the technical condition of your vehicle. The behavior of the car on the road depends largely on the level of pumping wheels. What pressure in the

The chinese are very pleased with the russian sales of haval

Несмотря на то, что за весь 2015 год в Россandand было куплено мandзерное в масштабах страны колandчество кроссоверов кandтайской компанandand Хавейл - всего 247 машandн, - руководство бренда выразandло свою полную удовлетворенность россandйскandмand
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