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How to replace coolant

The cooling system is one of the most important components of a modern internal combustion engine. Almost all cars have a combined cooling. This means that heat is removed from the cylinders with the help of fluid that enters the radiator, which is

Rating the best new cars worth up to 500 thousand rubles

>It is more rational to buy new cars up to 500,000 rubles, rather than cars, which have already changed several owners. No matter how pleasant it may sound now, for this money you can really get a functional, as well as comfortable inside and

Why the car battery does not charge well from the generator

The only source of current during the start of the ignition of the car is the battery. With its help, it is possible to start the engine. After this, the load falls on the generator, and the battery switches to the mode of power consumption. Однако,

Bmw 2 gran tourer: “gran” means “big”

The one-volume front-wheel-drive BMW is no longer sensational today: just a year ago, the imagination of motorists was amazed at the introduction of a “familiy” on the market. BMW Active Tourer. And the first path made by this "pioneer" in this

Rating of the best cars in the segment of economy class

>На отечественном рынке economy cars занимают внушительную долю, поскольку они рассчитаны на покупателей со средним уровнем достатка. Не каждый может себе позволить машину стоимостью от 1 миллиона рублей. Потому автопроизводители ориентируются не

Toyota 4runner: description, photo, specifications

Starting a review of such a luminous automobile industry like Toyota is always difficult. Behind this manufacturer - decades of successful work and deserved, sincere love of drivers around the world. The variety of models and purpose is also

Opel after chevrolet announced discounts until the end of

Significant discounts with a gift in the form of a set of winter studded rubber should, in the opinion of the Opel management, should encourage Russians to purchase the remains of a collection of models, after which the brand will disappear

Tuning the kia sportage 3 to make the car unique

Kia Sportage 3 is a good and reliable car, many people understand this. This machine is produced 20 years and the demand for this model is growing every year. The 3rd generation looks just great thanks to restyling, in addition, this car is

Volkswagen polo sedans lowered in price

Russian car dealers of Volkswagen revised the price tag on Polo sedans, which were extremely upset by the marketing specialists of this organization by the results of March sales. Compared to last year’s March, the cars of this model were sold out

What is hydraulic clutch and where is it applied

Hydraulic coupling is an important element of the car, which is an important part of the semi-automatic as well as automatic transmission. The main use of the device is to transfer torque to the gearbox from the drive shaft. It consists of two-bladed
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