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Sawan's chinese photons will enter russia through belarus

Models of the Chinese SUV Foton Sauvana began to be localized to assemble at the Belarusian enterprise Belgi. This is good news, because any localized assembly reduces the prices of the finished model, which is extremely important for Russians in

Almost a third of russian car owners have decided not to buy

Authoritative Russian analytical agency Avtostat regularly conducts statistical studies of the modern car market. The last monitoring, conducted at the end of February, showed a sad picture of unfulfilled desires of Russian car owners, who planned

Kia sportage 2017 with a new design and features

The Korean car industry is becoming a serious competitor to the world's leading manufacturers. Today, South Korean cars occupy 1/5 of the total number of cars on the world market.One of the most famous brands is Kia. After Peter Schreier headed the

Uaz after avtovaz increases deliveries over the hill

Over the past year, Ulyanovsk automakers have sold abroad eleven percent of all cars produced during this period. Compared to 2014, Ulyanovsk has a two percent increase in exports.The Russian car industry began to scrutinize overseas customers,

Jeep will show their cars on the 3 most important european

Two well-known American companies continue and expand their cooperation, while increasing their presence at the 3 most important Harley-Davidson European events: Euro Festival in French Saint-Trope, European HOG Rally rally in Lugano, Switzerland and

Skoda fabia 2014 model year: what will it be?

The new generation of Fabia, which Skoda intends to launch on the market this year, is still not known any details. In this article we tried to collect all the information that is on the web.Design of the Skoda Fabia 2014It is known that the Skoda

The best car radar detectors

>Since speeding is a rather dangerous act, law enforcement officers found a way to penalize drivers for such actions back in the 60s. Police radars of those times were rather cumbersome, but they coped well with their function. Subsequently,

Unknown chinese copied famous brand again

New Chinese auto brand Hubeing a subbrand Beijing autodemonstrated in his first crossover Hu Ansu S55 all the characteristic features of the design of Japanese Lexus. Such indiscreet theft has recently been noticed a lot, especially in the Chinese

Prices for lada cars will increase the day after tomorrow,

AvtoVAZ decided to rewrite the price tags of almost all of its models. The new edition of the price list will begin the day after tomorrow. The rise in price will be about four percent. It should be noted that the so-called RRPs will grow - the

Replacing freon in the air conditioner do it yourself

The tightness of the air conditioning system in the car, the device is quite reliable, but over time the leak occurs in almost all cars. Causes of freon leak There are several causes of freon leakage. In order to prevent the breakdown of the air
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