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Why does the battery boil on the car

Бывалые автолюбители, использующие отечественные и иностранные машины, часто встречались с закипанием аккумуляторной батареи. Подобная ситуация может застать любого водителя как вдалеке от дома, так и во время непродолжительной поездки. Разберемся,

Glonass system for control of transport what it is

Использование обычных бумажных автомобильных карт и атласов постепенно уходит в прошлое. Успешной альтернативой такому подходу является спутниковая навигация. В современных условиях отечественные водители должны знать, что такое GLONASS, и для чего

Jeep postponed the launch of the new grand wagoneer

The American concern Jeep decided to postpone the release of a large Grand Wagoneer SUV. It is known that the company's engineers encountered difficulties in adapting the Jeep Grand Cherokee chassis for the new model. It is not excluded that the

The best insurance companies casco in st. petersburg

>Many motorists are attracted to such a service as CASCO insurance, which allows you to receive compensation for damage to your car in various situations of damage, including theft. What exactly is included in the cases covered by the contract is

Converting a car to gas is a cost-effective solution.

One of the interventions in the design of the car, which still generates a lot of disputes, is the installation of gas equipment. The additional possibility of the widespread use of gas and gasoline alarming many motorists. Such mistrust is

More is not always better: comparing toyota avensis and

>The bigger the car, the better it will go, and the better it must be equipped - many of our compatriots choose cars according to this principle. However, practice shows that everything is not so simple. For example, a relatively small Toyota

How to make the car interior lighting with your own hands?

One of the most common types of car modifications is the additional lighting. With its help, you can create a unique, completely individual image that will undoubtedly attract the attention of others. Of course, you can choose a lot of ready-made

Rating of the most practical cars

>Автомобили в современном мире — это не просто средства для передвижения, но и надежные помощники, а также друзья для своих владельцев. It is not difficult to buy a car cheaply, because the market is filled with interesting offers for every taste,

How to choose a radar detector

Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to surprise by the fact that a radar detector is in the car’s cabin. Before you choose a radar detector for a car and purchase it, you need to decide on what technical characteristics of this device you need to pay

How a car differential works

Modern cars include a large number of nodes that ensure the efficiency of transport. Most of them are aimed at transferring the power moment from the engine to the wheels. An important role in this chain is played by the differential. To see such a
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