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The second generation renault koleos came to russian car

The new generation French crossover for the Russians will only be all-wheel drive and exclusively with a variable-speed gearbox. It will not be localized, but in South Korea. The clearance of the Russian version of the crossover is twenty-one

Jeep showed negative sales dynamics for 6 months of 2016

In June 2017, 56 Jeep cars were sold in Russia, which is 60.6% lower than the same period last year - 142 copies. This is stated in the data provided by the analyst agency Avtostat. So, in the first half of the year, 573 copies of Jeep were sold on

What nonfreezing liquids are best

>Using nezamerzayki - the best way to maintain visibility in the frosty periodWith the onset of frost, not a few car owners can do without the use of non-freezing liquids. After all, nezamerzayka provides the driver with good visibility, cleans

Renault coleos 2017 looks very similar to the x-trail

Cars of the French brand Renault have long been very popular, as they combine an affordable price and excellent technical equipment. In terms of quality and cost, it is clearly one of the most profitable manufacturers. In the new year, one of the

Manual transmission (manual transmission) and its purpose

Most drivers do not know firsthand what a manual transmission is. Very often you can hear the abbreviated name of the manual transmission or the common people - the mechanics. This box is a complex mechanism that converts mechanical energy into

The new uaz 3170 will be equipped with a new turbo engine

At the Zavolzhsky Engine Plant (ZMZ) today, work is underway to create a new handout for UAZ cars and a new engine that will have turbocharging. The first car on which all this will be installed, will be the "messiah" of the domestic off-road car

Mazda 2: japanese traditions

Being a subcompact car of the Japanese manufacturer, the Mazda 2 is the second model in the Mazda after Mazda 6. It is noteworthy that this car appeared on the market for a long time - since 2002, and in its Asian part it is better known as Demio.

Useful tips on choosing a car jack

>A car jack is a must-have tool that must be available to the driver. Its benefits and significance are difficult to overestimate. The device can save in difficult situations, as well as help in repair work. Some car owners buy two jacks at once.

Dvr with radar detector: which model is better to buy

Recently, an anti-radar with a DVR has become popular in the automotive electronics market. The hybrid device combines several useful functions. Manufacturers of these products offer their products in several price segments, allowing drivers to pick

The most beautiful cars in the world: auto design rating

Beauty in the world of cars is just as important as among people. After all, every rider or motorist wants to have a faithful iron horse, not only with excellent characteristics, but also a stylish design. Any driver appreciates comfort and
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