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Choosing the right dvr for 4 cameras as a reliable source of

>The use of modern video surveillance systems is one of the most important aspects in security. Such a device as a DVR for 4 cameras for the car, helps to monitor the situation around the car while driving. If an accident occurs, then with the

The cheapest to maintain suvs and crossovers

>When buying and owning a car, the costs of scheduled and unscheduled repairs are becoming an important part of the car owner's budget. People when choosing a car is guided and a reasonable desire to save their money. Crossovers and SUVs are not

First belarusian electric car

The first "electro sedan" with a reserve of nothing less, namely up to 150 km, was presented by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In a couple of years it is already possible to start mass production of these machines. The first to test

Renault logan used - choice of affordable technology

>Renault Logan is a classic compact car that has been produced for ten long years. At first glance, such a solid period of existence of the production line makes it possible to doubt the profitability of acquiring a car, since the technologies are

Advantages and disadvantages of led, halogen and xenon

>Vehicle lighting has a lot of types of light bulbs, and each has its own functions and purpose. Lamps illuminate the interior, highlight the glove box, trunk, engine, dimensions warn about the upcoming car maneuvers, some use as signal lamps, but

How to make your own hands a subwoofer in the car?

In order to fully enjoy modern music in the car, you need a good speaker system, and a subwoofer plays a fairly large role in it. Of course, many cars initially installed high-quality acoustics, but they cost quite a lot. Therefore, many are

The best suvs that can be found on sale

We offer you a rating - the top 10 best SUVs in the world. Several new models and old motorists who fell in love with motorists got into it. There are “workhorses” and cars for serious businessmen. So, if you are going to buy a car in the secondary

Citroen chinese office radically upgraded c5 sedan

Demonstrate the results of the French sedan restyling Citroen C5 the Chinese gathered only at the Shanghai Motor Show, which starts just a few days ago. However, Chinese journalists, always eager for sensations, lit up the novelty, not waiting for

Volkswagen polo photos of the next generation published on

Closer to the fall of this year, the Germans are going to officially present new generation Volkswagen Polo. Most likely, this will happen at the Frankfurt Motor Show. That's when we learn all about the new compact. And how the appearance of the

Skoda octavia tour: repair and maintenance

In the secondary market, you can now find a lot of the first generation Skoda Octavius. If the car has a Tour prefix, then this is a restyled model. These cars are sold for affordable money, and sellers say that the car is reliable, the same as the
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