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Rating of trucks in the world by category

>Trucks play a huge role in the global economy. They are used to transport various items and can be used both for personal purposes and in the company. Trucks deliver raw materials to the factory, after which they take the finished product from

Which gasoline is better to pour: 92 or 95

Owners of cars with petrol engines are often interested in which gasoline is better, choosing between the brands of fuel sold at gas stations. Such a question is not rhetorical, but has a completely practical meaning. It is connected with the

Rating of the most necessary car accessories

>What do you think are the most popular car accessories today? What additional items to complete the modern car are most in demand? Rating the most useful car accessories introduces you to the best and most popular components. Indeed, today

Wealthy russians love the extended rangerover lwb

By the number of copies sold model Ranger Over LWB outdid all other representatives of the brand. Eighteen percent of all brand cars that Russians bought in 2015 were exactly Range Rovers with an extended body.Сами менеджеры продаж компании Range

Rating the best lubricants for calipers and guides

>The brake system is a complex and very important vehicle mechanism in terms of functionality. Its refusal or malfunction can cost the car owner a very expensive, sometimes even life, because to monitor the correct performance of the brakes is the

How to replace the fuel filter with your own hands

Fuel filter replacement – обязательная процедура по обслуживанию транспортного средства. Не нужно ехать на станцию технического обслуживания, так как её возможно провести самостоятельно без помощи автомеханика. Важно отметить, что в первый раз замену

Hyundai solaris 2015 and ix35 can be bought at a discount

The Russian representative office of the Korean auto brand Hyundai has decided to extend the discounts offered by dealers when buying the most popular cars on our market - Hyundai Solaris and ix35. Скandдкand будут действовать до сентября 2015 года.

Ssangyong actyon and nissan qashqai benchmarking test:

>It would seem that cars of the same class can not fundamentally differ from each other - however, this statement is ready to refute the updated Nissan Qashqai, which remotely resembles the premium crossover Lexus RX. In terms of equipment, the

How to transport children in a car

One of the main factors that should be taken into account in the process of road transport is the maximum safety of the driver and passengers. For this, certain systems are provided for each vehicle. The order of their application is regulated by the

Choosing a reliable car for domestic roads

Our climate can rightly be called an impartial judge who leaves on the side of the car with weak characteristics. If in the summer only bumps on the roads appear in the list of obstacles, in winter ice, low temperature and heavy snowfall are added to
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