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How to choose a car leather covers

Abroad, the use of autocovers is considered the prerogative of tuning fans, while in Russia they are exclusively business-oriented. About 80 percent of car owners at least once used covers, which is why today we will talk about how to choose leather

Video cameras tracking will determine fake ctp

During the remaining months of 2015, only in two “pilot” cities - Moscow and Kazan - are going to start identify fake insurance policies OSAGO through surveillance cameras. A whole project has been developed for this and the corresponding funding has

The chinese presented a restyled version of the landwind x8

November 18th at the world motor show, which starts in the Middle Kingdom (Guangzhou), Chinese Landwind officially present the results of restyling his X8 crossover. Images of the updated SUV Chinese managers have already published on the web.

How to wash a car

The quality of car washing depends not only on its attractive appearance, but also on the performance of many units. At first glance it may seem that washing the car belongs to the simplest types of maintenance. But here, as in other types of care

Choosing the right dvr with remote camera

>Recently, car owners have stopped paying attention to the overall gadgets, which take up a lot of space and distract the driver while driving, which is why the demand for compact DVRs, which do not have the above disadvantages, has increased.

What to do if the engine troit after washing

Increasingly, car owners decide on a procedure such as washing the engine of their favorite car. To clean the power unit, of course, necessary, because it affects its condition and durability. But sometimes after water procedures, the motor gives the

Rating of dvrs with two cameras

>Буквально несколько лет назад автомобильный видеорегистратор считался скорее предметом роскоши и ставился на престижные модели автомобилей. В наше время такое устройство можно увидеть даже на представителях отечественного автопрома. The cost of

Top 10 best cars up to 600,000 rubles

Novice drivers, as a rule, buy second-hand cars, which master the skills gained in a driving school. With increasing confidence in his ride comes the decision to upgrade the "steel horse". Not everyone will afford a car worth a million rubles - the

Jaguar f-pace is very similar in characteristics to the

Even off-road with 20-inch wheels, the car rides confidently, easily climbs the hill, in general, the off-road qualities of the car are clearly present. The F-Pace model has a lot in common with the Range Rover, because these are English cars, they

Rating of prestigious suvs worth up to 3 million rubles

>Of course, one cannot call the choice of a budget car a fairly simple and carefree occupation, however, it is much more difficult to choose a beautiful presentable car, which the motorist is willing to spend at least 2 million rubles to purchase.
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