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Calculation and payment of transport tax

Практически каждый владелец транспортного средства в России знает, что ему в обязательном порядке необходимо вносить различные платежи в казну, в том числе транспортный налог за автомобиль. Однако не все знакомы с рассматриваемым видом выплат, не

What roads are considered the most beautiful in the world

>A really beautiful road is not just a section of a route where high-quality and even asphalt is laid. Beauty and attractiveness is determined on the basis of many components. This concept is quite subjective. But often people's opinions converge

Where to complain about the wrong parked car

Compliance with the rules of the road should be ensured in all situations. Even a standing outside car can create an emergency or problem situation. Resolve this situation will be a peaceful way. It is enough to know how to call a tow truck for an

New range rover evoque by victoria beckham

And today, under our close attention came a brand new Range Rover Evoque, it is much smaller than all the Range Rovers. Incidentally, the design of this car was engaged in Victoria Beckham. What is interesting about this car is that there is a

Prospects for all-wheel drive models lada

From the rostrum of the International Scientific and Technical Conference called "Prospects for the development of cars" today guide AVTOVAZ spoke about the prospects for further 4x4 drive system design. AvtoVAZ engineers are going to adapt the

Gas installation on a car (hbo)

Gas equipment for a car (HBO) is an additional system in a vehicle, which makes it possible to supply the power plant not only with liquid bulk fuel, as the manufacturer envisages, but also to operate at the expense of gas. One of the motivations for

Best 7-seater crossovers and suvs for russia 2016-2017

Content Classification of 7-seater carsBenefits and ConvenienceList of the most popular seven-seater crossovers and SUVs in RussiaRating of 7 local crossovers and SUVs for the priceWhat to consider and how to choose the right 7-seater car

French renault cars are pretty beautiful.

Renault (Renault, Regie Nationale des Usines Renault) is the largest national automobile company in France. Founded even before the First World War, Renault is the absolute leader in its country, producing both long-haul trucks and light vehicles,

First belarusian electric car

The first "electro sedan" with a reserve of nothing less, namely up to 150 km, was presented by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In a couple of years it is already possible to start mass production of these machines. The first to test

Tuning slavuty (zaz 1103) on their own

Recently, there are several opinions about what kind of cars to drive. Many motorists follow the innovations of the automotive industry and immediately acquire modern cars, others don’t rush to part with their cars, and there isn’t the whole amount
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