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Prospects for all-wheel drive models lada

From the rostrum of the International Scientific and Technical Conference called "Prospects for the development of cars" today guide AVTOVAZ spoke about the prospects for further 4x4 drive system design. AvtoVAZ engineers are going to adapt the

The russian representative office of volkswagen reduced the

Compact crossover Фольксваген Tiguan decently cheaper. In particular, the basic assembly Tiguana will cost the buyer now cheaper than before, a half hundred thousand rubles. Discount touched all trim levels Tiguana. Базовая сборка (Trend&Fun),

Americans voiced price tags of russian versions of ford

You can order this light commercial vehicle today, although the first models will be delivered only in January of next year. The Russian representative of the auto brand reported that both cars had successfully passed testing on the subject of

Uaz leadership presented a restyled uaz patriot

Guide yesterday UAZ presented рестайлинговый UAZ Patriot. Презентация прошла в Москве. Если поставить рядом модель обновленного Patriot и "старый" внедорожник, то их можно легко спутать друг с другом, поскольку внешних отличий практически никаких

Online auto auction in japan

Japan is considered one of the leading auto manufacturers in the world. Japanese car auction is a fairly common way of buying and selling used passenger cars or other types of cars that are located throughout the land of the rising sun. Every day

Full test drive car lada vesta (lada vesta)

In 2015, for the first time released Lada West. Without exaggeration, it can be called a breakthrough in the domestic auto industry. Absolutely all the characteristics, both technical and design, are thought out to the smallest detail and ideally

Rating of the most popular drives installed on cars

>Which drive do you think is better for a car? Usually this question is answered differently. One likes a front wheel drive car, others like rear wheel drive, and still others do not respect either one or the other, but prefer to drive in

Jeep is preparing a replacement for compass and liberty

According to official data, the world famous brand Jeep is conducting a planned test drive of the new crossover. Spy photos of a camouflaged car appeared on the network, but thanks to the disguise, it’s impossible to clearly imagine the appearance of

Replacing antifreeze on ford focus 3 do it yourself

Certainly the correct operation of the engine depends on how often you change the antifreeze in the cooling system. According to Ford Focus 3 engineers, antifreeze changes every 40-45 t.km. run This, of course, affects the inadmissibility of

Chevrolet cruze with mileage: what you need to know when

Now the Chevrolet Cruze is not officially represented in Russia, but on the secondary market of these cars you can find a lot. Does it make sense to buy such a used car of this model?For the first time the Chevrolet Cruze appeared in 2008 in South
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