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Lada 4 × 4 modernization continues

AVTOVAZ continues to actively modernize one of the oldest, but not losing, model Lada 4x4. In addition to the new driver and passenger seats, which are decided to order from another supplier, a new dashboard has been developed, which will be

The russian representative office of hyundai has published

New compact Korean Hyundai Creta crossoverwhich will be produced at one of the St. Petersburg automobile plants, has finally received a ruble price tag for all of its equipment. Basic version Hyundai Crete under the name "Start" will devastate the

Why can a gas cylinder explode on a car

Nissan Murano 1st generation bitter experience from owning this monster Nowadays, gas installations are considered very popular among car enthusiasts, and many believe in the safety and relevance of such equipment, although here you can highlight

Japanese cars are reliable and inexpensive

The Land of the Rising Sun has always been a leader in the development of various kinds. And it is no secret that it was Japan that reached heights in almost all areas of life support, be it education, medicine or insurance. That is why the Japanese

How to remove the battery from the car

The removal of the battery may be required in different situations. For example, when updating, repairing or selling a car. The disconnection process itself consists of simple and understandable actions. Everyone who knows how to use a screwdriver

Replacing generator bearings for mazda 3

If during the operation of the Mazda 3, after certain numbers of the run, you began to hear a strange hum, whistle and other suspicious sounds from under the hood, it is quite possible that they come from the generator. Chances are high that the buzz

For driving without a license will be punished harder

MPs propose substantial toughening penalty for driving without a license. Especially if the citizen is caught up with it again. After making the relevant amendments to the administrative code, which are supported by the senators, the fines for

Americans revived chevrolet cavalier sedan specifically for

Уже одandннадцать лет как ушедшandй отдыхать на задворкand автомобandльной andсторandand бренда, Chevrolet Cavalier sedan "реandнкарнandруется" в новую модель этой когда-то очень популярной по всему мandру "четырехдверкand" спецandально для

What is better in winter: velcro or spikes

Sharp evening and night temperature drops from “plus” to “minus” make drivers rather choose the right answer for themselves when figuring out what is better in winter: sticky tape or spikes. The result is based on several factors, among which

The fuel consumption of the uaz patriot updated model has

Today, only a few cars of the Russian manufacturer are in demand and popularity among motorists. Among this number of representatives of the Russian car industry can be identified UAZ Patriot - a full-fledged SUV, which is designed to travel over
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