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China buys manufacturer jeep

Today, the Fiat Chrysler concern in the world market is the weakest manufacturer among the largest. Created by the merger of the largest Italian automaker Fiat and the smallest American Chrysler, it is currently fighting for its own survival. Lately,

Seven hundred foton sauvana frame suvs arrived to russian

Российский офис китайского автобренда Foton сообщал о скорых поставках в нашу страну SUVов Foton Sauvana almost a year ago, but for some reason supplies became possible only now. Perhaps, the integration of the ERA-GLONASS module into the car took

Little hyundai getz in the secondary market

Hyundai Getz - a compact, comfortable, well-managed car, you can buy it for less than 10 thousand dollars. When these cars first appeared on sale, they began to find their owners very quickly, not only because of the low price.In Hyundai Getz work

The french have modernized the minivan renault espace

It's about the "trailer" Renault Espace fifth generation, which was officially introduced to the global automotive market two years ago. Updates affected not only the appearance of the car: changes were made to its motor line and electronic body kit.

After restyling, chevrolet cobalt will be called ... ravon

Chevrolet CobaltModel Ravon R4 It was announced in the list of expected cars in perspective in October of this year just at the presentation of the new auto brand Ravon. And at the same time at the presentation, among the cars that demonstrate the

New british "barn" jaguar x-ef sportbreak recognized as the

As soon as the first photos of a new-generation British E-class wagon appeared on the Internet, the number of enthusiastic reviews about its appearance began to go off-scale to all the topics where this family car appeared. However, they admired not

On tests, the prototype of the jeep wrangler pickup truck is

The first of the most interesting and non-trivial tasks for engineers of the American concern in Jeep in recent years was, naturally, developing a pickup truck on the platform of the Wrangler model of a new generation. In fact, experts should

The sign prohibiting a stop: area, photo

A significant increase in the number of vehicles in modern cities is forcing traffic inspectors to apply the most stringent measures to adjust traffic. One of the ways is the active introduction of prohibition signs, which include a sign that

The best suvs in 2018

>It is always difficult to determine the best car, because a wide range of different criteria is taken into account. Therefore, automotive publications prefer ratings. In the ranking, you can collect a wide list of cars that equally claim to high

Cars up to 1,000,000 rubles: the rating of new models in

You have dreamed all your life about personal transport, and finally the day of purchase has come, but you are wondering: what is the best car for up to 1,000,000 rubles? For a million rubles, you can choose for yourself a great car that will not
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