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Do i need a checkup for osago

Carrying out technical inspection of the car in the appropriate order gives permission to transport to move on public roads. The supporting document in this case is the diagnostic card. With this card, you can already come to the insurance company. A

How to pass inspection

Innovations 2014 года предполагают обязательное предоставление действующего талона техосмотра при заключении страхового договора на автомобиль. А без страхового полиса ездить нельзя и вдобавок не поставишь транспортное средство на учет. Поэтому после

How to make a car antenna with your own hands

Car owners who spend a long time behind the wheel of their cars, strive to provide maximum comfort themselves and passengers. Such features of comfort include various multimedia systems with TV, video and audio. However, classical antennas poorly

The most powerful jeep grand cherokee still get the engine

The American SUV will get the most powerful modification in 2017. The novelty will be equipped with a V8 Hellcat engine like the “charged” coupe Dodge Challenger and sedan Charger. It is expected that the power of this unit will exceed 700 hp, so

How to quickly sell a car at a bargain price

With the onset of the third millennium, the automobile market is so saturated with cars, both new and used, that it becomes more and more difficult to sell a car. And if we are talking about a used, second-hand vehicle, then there are more and more

The third generation kia picanto will soon arrive in the

The start of sales of the third generation Kia Picanto is scheduled for early summer of the current year. Now the Korean machine is stamped with might and main localized at the Avtotor Kaliningrad assembly enterprises. How many will ask for a

How to change the brake fluid in a car with and without abs

The driver is obliged to monitor the performance of all systems responsible for vehicle safety. This will help prevent most accidents on the road. Many works can be done independently. It is especially important to monitor the state of the brake

Mercedes-benz glk in the secondary market

Mercedes-Benz GLK has been produced since 2008 in Germany, during this time more than 700,000 such cars were created. About 30,000 cars of this model were sent to Russia.The body is perfectly protected from corrosion, despite the fact that the body

What to do if the perpetrator of the accident disappeared

Undesirable situations can trap motorists on any part of the road. It is also possible to become a participant in the accident in a regular parking lot when an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel of the culprit, “hooking” your wing or bumper.

Replacement of a driver's license: certificates, documents,

A driver's license is the main document, the presence of which demonstrates the right to drive a car. He, like a civilian passport, must be replaced at the end of 10 years from the date of receipt. Other reasons that may cause re-receipt, is to
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