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Kia rio has experienced restyling

Improving the design of structural elements and adding new options undoubtedly refreshes the attitude to already become familiar models. It is clear that this is always an increase in prices for the final consumer. Having undergone restyling, Kia

Five-thousand ford fiesta got off the russian assembly line

The Ford Sollers Naberezhno-Chelninsky automobile plant, which is currently collecting the most affordable Fords in Russia, has already released more than five thousand copies of the Fiesta. For the modern car market, paralyzed by the automobile

The principle of operation and the scheme of the carburetor

We have previously raised the topic of carburetors for this popular Russian car VAZ 2109. They are simple in design, and most motorists are well aware of the internal structure of this important car part. But, for clarity, we decided to show you more

Car paint selection and car painting with all the details

The process of choosing paint for a car is very important for every car owner. It often happens that the paintworkers choose the paint incorrectly because of their carelessness, after which some parts of the body (which have been repaired) are

What threatens to drive with expired rights

In most modern countries, a driver's license, usually called “rights,” is issued for a limited period. This innovation has not bypassed Russia. Now, unlike in the Soviet Union, where this document was issued on a perpetual basis, it is necessary to

It's time for ford fiesta

Where did the German auto developers make omissions, but for the first time in seven years their most popular car Volkswagen Golf in the global car market sold less circulation than the American Ford Fiesta. Yes, yes, for seven years in a row, the

Brutal suv vlf automotive x-series shown in detroit

At the Detroit Auto Show, the concept X-Series SUV from the tuning company VLF Automotive was officially introduced. The frame SUV VLF Automotive X-Series attracts the attention of visitors to the salon, first of all, by its aggressive angular

Bugatti veyron super sport (bugatti veyron supersport) and

Bugatti Veyron (Bugatti Veyron) — один из самых дорогих, самых мощных и самых быстрых автомобилей на планете, и при этом, на нем можно ездить на обычных, общественных дорогах.The standard Bugatti Veyron boasts its 8-liter W16 engine and 1001

Online auto auction in japan

Japan is considered one of the leading auto manufacturers in the world. Japanese car auction is a fairly common way of buying and selling used passenger cars or other types of cars that are located throughout the land of the rising sun. Every day

Torque wrench for car: how to choose and how to use?

Today, a torque wrench is a very common tool that can be found in car repair shops and service stations, and in private garages. However, despite the fact that this item has been used for many years, many motorists do not even know how to use a
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