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Presented 707-strong suv jeep grand cherokee trackhawk

The American automaker Jeep introduced a super-powered version of the Grand Cherokee SUV called the Trackhawk. Engine power reaches 707 "horses." Under the hood of a car is a 6.2-liter petrol power unit HEMI V8, which works in tandem with an 8-band

The first "live" photos of the new pickup jeep wrangler

Brutal pickup based on the Jeep Wrangler, created in the best traditions of the genre, will soon acquire the standard forms of Toyota HiLux and Mitsubishi L200. Now the car is undergoing some testing, but specialists record carefully all the

Comparison of lada grant and priora - who “rules”?

>Take a good look at the road. Which of the domestic cars are most often found on your way? LADA Grant and Lada Priora are the two best-selling VAZ cars today. VAZ offers budget cars for every taste. These two models differ from each other both

How to flush the engine when changing oil

The question of whether you need to flush the engine when changing the oil, more often worry young car owners. An unequivocal answer to it is impossible to obtain, since everything depends on the operating conditions of the car, the regularity of

Why do windows get fogged in the car

Явление запотевания стекол знакомо всем автомобилистам, как правило, оно возникает при повышенной влажности воздуха из-за дождя. С приходом холодов проблема усиливается. Вопрос, why do the windows in the car sweat? интересует всех водителей, так как

Tuning volkswagen polo sedan - chip tuning with a good

Volkswagen Polo sedan It belongs to the category of budget cars, but in technical specifications it can compete with any car. Volkswagen has no body parts like a hatchback, for which he received a category C category. Externally, the car looks decent

Making a car muffler with your own hands

Постоянная тяга к улучшению и совершенству заставляет нас изменять даже самые простые вещи. В результате чего могут появиться действительно гениальные изобретения. Автомобиль, попавший в руки человеку с множеством идей, обязательно будет переделан.

How are things with the lada xray cross version?

Анонсированная ранее "вседорожная" версия Frets XRay, точнее, проект по ее реализации, похоже временно застопорился. У нас любят что-то обещать намного раньше, чем проверят свои возможности. В этом смысле история с Lada XRay Cross is quite typical

Chevrolet dumping to clear warehouses and leave the russian

American General Motors, which once bought the Chevrolet brand, continues the campaign to withdraw from the Russian car market, which was initiated just after the December drop in the Russian national currency exchange rate last year. Today, it has

Subaru constellation: choose outback or forester

>Japanese carmaker Subaru is trying to exactly match its name. Translated into Russian, it means the accumulation of stars in the constellation Taurus. The same galaxy of automobile luminaries gathered Subaru in his catalog. Do Japanese cars
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