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Installing the grid in the trunk do it yourself

The netting in the trunk of the car is a pleasant trifle that will be useful to any driver. This accessory will allow you to bring perfect order in the luggage compartment and not worry about the safety of the transported items. Content1 Grids for

Mazda 6 third generation

Mazda 6 III generation: proven reliability Today, in the car market you can see a lot of interesting offers for car enthusiasts. However, in the view of the majority of motorists, the Mazda brand has proved to be a car with a high level of

Jeep showed sketches of the new urban crossover yuntu

American car manufacturer Jeep has published sketches of the new urban crossover Yuntu, which will be available only for the Chinese car market. Now about Jeep Yuntu very little is known. According to preliminary data, the future production cars

The penalty for hitting a pedestrian

Every driver must be driving extremely attentive. This is due to the fact that the vehicle is not only a convenient helper, but also a source of danger. In this case, for the damage caused physical, moral or material full responsibility is borne by

Tuning gaz 66 to improve this suv

Car tuning has long reached the most unprecedented heights in its development. Sometimes creations that come out from under the hands of auto-craftsmen simply amaze with their uniqueness, and often frank unreality. Modern tuning GAZ 66 implies not

Chevrolet lacetti in the secondary market - the choice of

In Russia, Chevrolet Lacetti is considered the best-selling car after the Ford Focus. Now you can find a huge number of these cars in the secondary market.How these machines are good and what are their most common problems - we will now find out. For

Toyota 4runner: description, photo, specifications

Starting a review of such a luminous automobile industry like Toyota is always difficult. Behind this manufacturer - decades of successful work and deserved, sincere love of drivers around the world. The variety of models and purpose is also

The french will create a renault grand captur for russians

French developers are going to start production of a new all-terrain vehicle on the platform Renault Duster crossover. Somewhere in the middle of 2016, a new model will arrive at Russian dealers. The final version of the name of the car has not yet

New render suv jeep grand wagoneer

While there is work on the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer, the designers have published a render on the web with a familiar front panel. Unlike the conventional Grand Cherokee, graphic designers wanted to give it a more premium appearance and awarded auto

We select wheels on the car

Большинство владельцев авто задумывались о том, how to pick up wheels on a car. Но в процессе выбора некоторые автовладельцы делают одинаковые ошибки, не изучив особенности исполнения дисков. Диски бывают: Cast light alloy. Forged alloy. Stamped
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