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Riding in the winter on summer tires

Many are interested in whether it is possible to ride in the winter on summer tires. There are different opinions, let's deal with them. If you hope so much for the utilities of your city that you do not consider it necessary to change winter tires

Which sedan is better: volkswagen polo and kia rio

>IntroductionIf you conduct a survey among modern motorists regarding the preferred body type, it becomes clear that the majority owns or wants in the future to have only a sedan. Love for this type of car significantly exceeds the “warm” feelings

Rating of the most powerful suvs and jeeps in the world

The beauty and power of modern off-road vehicles is all that fans and speed need. The original models allow you to drive around without problems and on the roads of the city, and on the routes, and on dirt terrain. Attractive cars and reliable

Installing a child seat in the back seat: video

Every motorist needs to take care of the safety of all passengers, including the smallest. Child carriage in passenger cars is quite clearly regulated in the Rules of the road. Babies are required to be in specially adapted chairs. Content1

The procedure for replacing lost driver's license

The state organization to which the car owner should apply if he lost his driver's license is the traffic police. The process of replacing the rights is stretched for some time period, during which the driver receives a temporary permit, which allows

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission on hyundai

Timely replacement of oil in the automatic transmission on the Hyundai Solaris is one of the most important stages in the maintenance of the vehicle. From its quality depends on the efficiency of the box automatic, the condition and service life of

Rating the best cars with a budget of 700 thousand rubles

>Buy a new and reliable cars up to 700,000 rubles in 2018 is quite possible. For the money you get a budget vehicle that is suitable for use in various conditions. Based on the requirements of motorists, we have compiled a special rating in which

Chevrolet: aveo vs. lacetti sedans comparison

>IntroductionIt is impossible to say with certainty what exactly prompts Russians to purchase low-cost sedans, because, as practice shows, every year the number of those who buy Chevrolet Lacetti and Chevrolet Aveo is increasing. In the article

Old chevrolet cruz will replace the new chevrolet cavalier:

New "chetyrehdverku" Chevrolet Cavalier Americans will officially represent at the auto show in Chengdu, what will happen in China next week. The model is focused primarily on the Chinese car market - the Chinese love American cars with tender

The chinese have begun to promote the brand haval in russia

Китайский автопроизводитель Great Wall провел официальную презентацию двух своих внедорожных автомобилей Haval H8 and Haval H9. Малоизвестное наименование "Haval" является суббрендом "Великой китайской стены". Car brand Haval Yesterday it was
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