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Communists want to send for the salvation of the russian car

The Russian car industry, which is rolling down for the third year in a row, despite state support programs, may receive a portion of fresh financial "blood" in the form of maternal (family) capital. It is such a proposal - to allow families in

Localized for the indian car market, renault duster did not

This time, two versions of the French crossover, collected locally at Indian Renault-Nissan automobile plants, took part in the tests for durability and consequences for the health and life of the conditional driver and passengers. One equipment was

"twisted" mileage of sold cars will be determined by a

The fact that a large number of cars are sold with twisted mileageeveryone knows. Moreover, the ability to "update" the speedometer is even elevated to the rank of a successful car dealer. Abroad twist run regarded as a criminal offense, in fact,

Rating of motor shows of st. petersburg

>Such a big city like St. Petersburg is ready to offer residents and guests of the cultural capital a wide range of car dealerships, where you can not only buy a new car, but also get a whole range of additional services. The SPb car dealers

Toyota c-hr from the new year will be a direct competitor to

The Japanese will hold the world presentation of the new production model of the all-road compact from Toyota at the beginning of 2016. The mass car enthusiast will be able to get acquainted with the car closer at the showrooms of the Detroit Auto

The best gas stations in the city of st. petersburg

>Not all car owners are guided by the quality of gasoline, choosing a gas station. But this is a common mistake that can lead to a deterioration in the technical characteristics of the car and even breakdowns.Where to find good fuel for carsПотому

Czechs announced the redesign of skoda octavia

Головной офис чешской автомобилестроительной корпорации Skoda удивил сообщением о уже проведенной разработчиками модернизации крайне популярного в Европе автомобиля Damage The Octavia. И это не просто косметическая модернизация, затронувшая внешний

How to check brake pad wear

To the brake system was always normal, you must constantly monitor its components. Since the brake pads work exclusively "for friction", they wear out faster than other parts. It is impossible to say exactly when the wear will occur, the conditional

Tuning gazelle significantly increases the technical

Gazelle cars are more often used as working vehicles, and for the people who drive them, they become a second home. Therefore, each driver seeks to improve his car for even greater comfort while driving. With the right approach, tuning the Gazelle

A car for 250 thousand will arrive in russia from india

Indian automakers producing cars under the Bajaj brand will bring to us in the spring of next year a super-compact car that will become the cheapest four-wheel vehicle sold in our country. Hindus promise a price tag on their "baby" in the region of a
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