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Chinese crossover x 80 from faw and other crossovers from

The market for Chinese cars in Russia is 400 thousand cars per year. And this is only based on the results of 2013. How popular Chinese crossovers of 2013 can be judged only by the number of them on the roads.BEFORE XO0There are several cars that

Gsm alarm system for cars

Car security systems in recent years are undoubtedly distinguished by their high efficiency and reliability. Nevertheless, it is possible to insure yourself additionally against intruders with the help of GSM signaling. This system, depending on the

"seven" bmw will park independently

BMW auto company officially told the world about some of the features  new generation BMW 7-Series sedan. It is planned to fully submit it to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is scheduled for September this year. The first thing that

Rating of ukrainian sites for the sale of cars

>Modern rhythm of life is very tense, and there is not always time to sit quietly during working hours in the cabin, choosing a car. Online services come to the rescue: you can go shopping at any convenient time of the day. In addition, the choice

The best models of car refrigerators in 2018

>In the hot season, without leaving the car, to enjoy the cold water, every motorist dreams, and it is not only about those who travel long distances, but also about those who, doing things, reels mileage in the city. Of course, for the

How did the first gas stations

 A bit of history Perhaps there is nothing more familiar to the modern driver than the gas station. The vast majority of modern cars move using internal combustion engines, so the question of refueling a car at a gas station is still relevant - like

The price of the carburetor on the vaz 2109 remains within

VAZ and in particular - “Lada Samara” - cars are extremely common in Russia and the CIS. Therefore, there are more than enough spare parts for them on the market. However, many car owners face some problems. In some regions, prices are too high. In

Mazda will create very economical second-generation skyactiv

In just three years, Mazda cars will be equipped with engines that are 30 percent more economical than modern ones. This will be possible due to technological basis. Next generation skyactiv. This development will be made in partnership with Toyota.

What alarm with auto start choose

Сигнализация с автоматическим запуском является инновационным устройством, которое может заблаговременно и с определенного расстояния запускать двигатель. Сегодня такая функциональность привлекает большое количество водителей. Предварительный запуск

What cars are collected in russia

Mentally reeling time back for 25 - 30 years, you can sincerely be surprised by the then automotive diversity. The roads of the USSR and later Russia were plowed by Zhiguli, Muscovites, GAZs, etc. There were practically no foreign cars, and those
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