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The chinese will create a new car for the russian market

The developers of the Chinese auto brand BAW are going to create a new brand of cars, which initially, already at the project stage, are focused primarily on the Russian market. Sly car designers from the Celestial Empire, having harassed this news

Audi a6 allroad quattro - off-road wagon

Audi A6 allroad was first released in 1999 and since then there have been no significant changes, except for the use of plastic body kits and bumpers with metal parts. Even in the most ancient version of the Audi Allroad, a permanent four-wheel drive

The rumble in the power steering (gur)

In order to have fewer faults in the car, it is necessary to carefully monitor the entire system. The driver may not attach importance to a small breakdown, which in the future will cause a serious problem. For example, the rumble in GUR (power

Nissan patrol - model evolution

Like the rest of the industry, the automotive industry in Japan in the postwar years was in decline. The first years the Japanese supplied the cars from the USA, which are rightfully considered the best in those years. But the new unrest on the

Yesterday, the long-awaited korean compact crossover hyundai

Actually, they waited. Yesterday at the St. Petersburg Automobile Plant Hyundai started mass production of the car about which so much has been said lately in all media. New Korean compact crossover Hyundai Crete begins its journey to the heart of

The most reliable off-road vehicles with mileage in the

>In drawing up the rating of SUVs for reliability among second-hand models up to 10 years, various factors were taken into account, including feedback from the car owners themselves, the frequency of contacting car service centers and the most

Volkswagen passat 8 generation price tag surpassed

Eighth generation of the Passat will be sold in Russia at a price that exceeds the cost of competitive models. This was reported by the leadership of the representative office of Volkswagen in our country, voicing the price tag of the basic

Comparison between kia cerato and volkswagen jetta

>Premium premiums are not always meant for huge sedans that have prohibitive value - many people prefer reasonable purchases like the Volkswagen Jetta. This car has proven itself throughout the world - the Jetta is being assembled at more than

Depreciation rack, ideal for the "tenth family" lada

>IntroductionFor those who still do not know which racks are better to put on the VAZ 2110 or models of the VAZ 2112-2115 series, you can use the material below, which will write to the potential consumer all the advantages and disadvantages of

Test drive the new citroen c4 sedan gave a complete picture

The car sedan Citroen C4 belongs to the category of the most popular and accessible to the masses of vehicles. Folk model was first introduced in 2012 in Paris.Sedan dimensions: length 4261 mm, width 1789 mm, height 1491 mm. The wheelbase is 2708 mm.
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