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The most stolen cars: hot "ten" in recent years

The introduction of new technologies in the design of vehicles goes in parallel with the development of new ways of hacking cars. Car hijackers turn off the alarm, enter the salon, and the next morning the vehicle owner does not find it under the

The japanese announced prices for the american version of

Japanese automaker completed work on creating a new generation of SUV Nissan Armada. This eight-seat “all-hitch” will initially be delivered to the American car market. Therefore, the price tags on it, voiced by the managers of the company, are

Top used cars: top rated reliable cars

Used cars have always enjoyed steady demand among domestic consumers. Today, in the conditions of the economic crisis, when the ruble exchange rate plummeted, and car dealers rewrote their price tags, buying a used car reached its apogee. The reason

At the new york auto show officially unveiled a new kia

The current generation of Kia Optima sedans have been on the line for the past five years. Without any major changes, this model, which is popular all over the world, has been sold and bought for too long, and it is clear that you cannot stand in one

Rating the best crossovers to 500,000 rubles

>It is not difficult to find a car with a price of up to 500 thousand rubles. When the car owner prefers off-road performance and practicality, then for this cost the choice is sharply reduced. Yet the automotive market still offers some low-end

Rating of the best automotive batteries in 2018

>The battery is one of the most necessary and important components of a modern car. Without this design element, a motorist will not even be able to activate his vehicle, in addition, the lack of a battery will prevent the functioning of almost

How many liters of oil is in the gearbox and where is it

The quality and sufficient amount of lubricating fluid directly affects the performance of components and individual units of the vehicle. Different models of cars need a different amount of lubricating fluid. And how much oil needs to be poured into

For non-appearance of revocable cars in the sc will be

Recently, frequent accidents cases, which were responsible for the cars that fell under the revocable campaigns with defective steering and brake systems. Instead of an immediate visit to the service center after the announcement of the recall, the

Rating of the best cars in demand in the united states of

>The origins of the American carThe foreign auto industry is constantly developing new technologies in the automotive industry. Cars of foreign manufacture, including those produced in the USA, have gained particular popularity among domestic

Used peugeot 4007 - pros and cons

>The Peugeot 4007 is a car that is compared to the Mitsubishi Outlander XL. At the same time, experts advise even to give preference to the first, because the exterior of the car is much more interesting than that of the “Japanese”. The purpose of
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