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What company battery is better for auto

Novice motorists seek to pick up the battery with all the maximum characteristics. However, this approach does not always give the correct result, because what kind of battery (battery) is better for a car depends on various parameters that are not

"suv" nissan qashqai went to restyling

Above compact кроссовером Nissan bald Japanese designers and engineers are going to perform the ceremony of restyling. The process has already begun, every innovation introduced into the model is tested around the course of the modernization

The choice of tires for the winter: velcro against studded

>The main part of the territory of Russia is characterized by a rather severe course of winter. A lot of precipitation falls, fetters frost, ice is formed, low temperature lasts until the middle of spring, and even longer. In some regions, winter

Where is more profitable to take a car loan in 2018

>Not all citizens can buy a car by unfastening a tidy amount of cash, and you can save for a dream for years, besides, this option is not always possible to be carried out. Modern financial and credit organizations provided a solution to the

What to choose - dvr or action camera

>In the modern world, at a frantic pace of life, where everyone is rushing about their business, it is difficult to keep track of all the details (sometimes very important) that occur during movement. This will help a special gadget - DVR or

The right choice of tubeless tires

>Modern manufacturers of car tires offer a choice of two options - tube and tubeless tires. Every driver knows that tube tires are significantly inferior in terms of tubeless performance. But this is not enough to make no mistake when choosing

Rating of the most unusual and funny road signs of the world

>If you are a motorist and you are bored with familiar road signs, then you can visit such corners of our planet, where such patterns are often installed, that even the most serious person will laugh and remember them more than one day. In this

Running in winter tires with spikes

In the near future, precipitations in the form of snow are expected, therefore we recommend taking a turn in tire service in order to change the shoes in time. Change summer tires for winter is recommended not with the first snow, but in advance,

The best cars among the highest quality

>As more and more cars are equipped with turbocharging, are hybrid or all-electric, and sophisticated infotainment systems offer more and more features, reliability and quality are becoming one of the fundamental factors for smooth

How to clear a car from germany to russia

Carrying out the process of delivering cars from Germany is one of the most common ways for Russians to buy vehicles. Only carry out this rather complicated process, you need to adhere to a specific sequence of actions, having successfully passed a
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