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Comparison toyota corolla and toyota avensis

>The new style of Toyota has come to taste in Asian countries, as well as in Europe and the USA - thanks to this, the updated Corolla has gained very great popularity. For the same sketches created and the model Avensis, which is large and

Jeep renegade - a real suv in the face of the youth

In the not so distant 2014, the American corporation Jeep developed a rather interesting novelty - the Renegade model. This interesting and unusual in its style Jeep Renegade was simply one of the most stylish designs of the company, which received

New kia stonic - kia stonik 2017–2018: exterior and

In the autumn of 2017, sales of a new generation, ultra-compact crossover from the Kia began in South Korea. Trade name of the car - Stonic - is a mixture of two English words: speedy (rapid) and tonic (tonic). According to Kia marketers, these

Germans again recall volkswagen and audi suvs

German automakers manual Volkswagen and Audi initiated the start of the service action to eliminate the detected faults among cars sold, including on the Russian car market. Campaign applies to 613 Russians bought Фольксвагенов Тandгуан and 76

Japanese acura cdx compact crossover is worth less than its

In the Middle Kingdom began selling compact Japanese crossover Acura CDX. Under the hood of the Chinese version of the SUV will be available only one engine. And the cost of new items turned out to be less than the cost of the closest and dangerous

Toyota corolla in the new body is distinguished by a chic

Toyota Corolla in the new body - the perfect example of perfection, which is characterized by individuality and reliability at a level with an affordable price and versatility.In early 2013, the Toyota Corolla was presented in a new body. The

How to talk with gai officers

It's no secret that many motorists who are stopped by a traffic police officer on the road simply do not know how to properly talk with traffic policemen. Frequently, the driver behind the wheel does not understand at all why he was stopped at all,

How to challenge the fine for parking in moscow?

Moscow car owners have known parking rules in the center of Moscow for years, it is paid. The amount is 80 rubles per hour of parking space rental and payment is possible only in advance. The lack of organization of fees or the irresponsibility of

Cutting the springs on the car with their own hands

Spring check Periodically it is necessary to check the health of the springs on the machine. If body strikes occur on the bridge beam, and the control becomes difficult, then these spring components are worn out. Before diagnosing the components

The right choice of fog lights

>Every driver knows firsthand about the need to use high-quality fog lamps in the car. Safety of a trip in conditions of poor visibility caused by weather conditions depends on it. This problem is especially acute in autumn and winter, when the
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