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Tinted car windows do it yourself: the stages of the work

Aquarium from the 80s A modern car without tinting the rear windows looks at least a car from the 80s, and the driver and passengers feel uncomfortable. It creates a feeling of movement in the "aquarium". Therefore, car owners try in the first place

The network has a photo of a restyled hyundai santa fe

South Korean Hyundai Motor Company is actively experiencing updated model of its crossover Santa Fe. This car belongs to the third generation of this brand. As always, long before the official presentation, the restless paparazzi produced several

New 2018 camry

The expected exhibition in Detroit certainly pleased its visitors with the most long-awaited novelty of 2018, namely the absolutely new model Toyota Camry. Someone can certainly consider the Japanese sedan ordinary and uninteresting. But still, the

Chrysler recalls nearly one and a half million cars. blame

Car concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) initiated the start of the company for the mass recall of cars in which security holes in the multimedia system Uconnect. This is one million four hundred thousand modern cars of various brands, released

Overview of the biggest minivans

This is perhaps the most convenient transport for those motorists who appreciate the combination of space, comfort and good technical characteristics in a car. A large cabin, which can boast of almost every minivan, is complemented by a spacious

How the car behaves if the lambda probe does not work

Foreign cars, produced from the 80s, in European or American models already had a lambda probe in their construction. He is involved in the chain of formation of the fuel mixture. The sensor contributes to the balance of its formation. A good driver

For driving without a license will be punished harder

MPs propose substantial toughening penalty for driving without a license. Especially if the citizen is caught up with it again. After making the relevant amendments to the administrative code, which are supported by the senators, the fines for

Rating the best cars for tuning

>Tuning is a common occupation among the younger generation of drivers. Although the true connoisseurs of work with the machine at any age are ready to do such things.Cars for tuningВыбирая автомобили для тюнинга, каждый автовладелец преследует

The smallest suvs and crossovers: top jeeps for women

Buying a “female” car is always a complicated matter. So much of everything needs to be taken into account: power, ease of operation, a security system, dimensions and all the electrical "stuffing" designed to simplify the driving process as much as

New haval h8 - haval h8 2018: interior, exterior, price and

The Chinese company Great Wall, which produces cars, in the spring of 2017 presented to the public the model of the new car Haval H8 2018. In the course of a deep restyling conducted by a team of designers, engineers and designers, the crossover that
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