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The most beautiful cars in the world: auto design rating

Beauty in the world of cars is just as important as among people. After all, every rider or motorist wants to have a faithful iron horse, not only with excellent characteristics, but also a stylish design. Any driver appreciates comfort and

Preparing a car for the winter

Winter time always makes motorists pay special attention to their vehicles. In winter, drivers tend to face such troubles as high humidity, low temperature and slippery road surface. Checklist for preparing a car for the winter To prepare your car

Devices to help motorists

>As a rule, each of the car owners installs various accessories in their car, called gadgets. Due to the fact that the requests of all drivers are different, but you cannot please everyone, all the new devices constantly appear, capable of

By the fortieth anniversary of the legendary niva, avtovaz

Everyone who baldeet from the legend of the Soviet-Russian automotive industry - SUV Levels, will soon have the opportunity to admire the new special version Lada 4x4which will, of course, be a limited edition released for the fortieth anniversary of

Big, powerful ... but not a jeep! honda cr-v and toyota rav4

>The whole world has long been aware of how to impress others by getting “little blood” - for money, they sew labels of famous brands on Chinese-made clothes, remove signs of motor volume and bundling from base cars, and also buy goods that only

A comparative review of the mercedes c 180 with bmw 3 and

>The German brand has introduced a new facet of security and intelligence to the Mercedes C-class. Audi A4 and BMW 3, which leave their competitors far behind, clearly succumb to the new Mercedes C-class. Do these cars have enough advantages to

Rating the best dvrs 2016-2017 year

For many drivers, the DVR is a must-have device in the car. And it is not surprising, because this device allows you to defend their interests in the event of an accident or an accident, and also to prove their case when communicating with regulatory

The chinese will soon launch a series of geely emgrand nl-3

Road spaces of the Middle Kingdom very soon will begin to plow Geely Emgrand NL3 premium SUVs. To implement this car in its market, the Chinese are going to the end of this year. As usual with the latest developments, their spy photos always appear

Why the engine overheats

Young motorists look at the instrument panel only when they are interested in the level of fuel or the speedometer readings. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the indicator indicating the temperature of the engine. Since overheating of the

How to adjust valve clearance

Proper operation of the gas distribution mechanism affects fuel consumption, the performance of adjacent components and the overall life of car parts. To do this, the car is setting up the system, including the adjustment of the valve clearances.
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