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The ugliest cars in the world

>The automotive industry is dotted with a variety of car brands that differ in shape and color, capacity and power, safety performance and attractiveness. The car is no longer a means of transportation, well, except in part. The tendency to pay

Squeak and screech of brakes: ways to eliminate

Many car owners have heard the heartbreaking squeak when braking on their car. Most drivers fall into a panic, thinking that this is a catastrophic breakdown, and rush to turn to auto repair faster. Let's try to understand the criticality of these

Dodge oxygen sensor do it yourself

In the world, the number of motor vehicles is growing every year, with which the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere from working engines increases. In this regard, significantly increased requirements for manufacturers of transport on

The best car dealerships of russia

>The choice of a new car, as a rule, begins with a visit to a car dealership. After all, it is one thing to look at the description of the model on the manufacturer’s website, and it’s quite another to sit in a new car in person, to evaluate how

Check the spark plugs with their hands on the performance

Spark plugs are an integral element of a gasoline internal combustion engine. The quality of their work depends on the output parameters of the motor. If there are problems with ignition in the car, then one of the first actions of an experienced

New 2018 jeep grand cherokee - jeep grand cherokee:

In early 2018, the new model of the famous American SUV - Jeep Grand Cherokee will enter the international market. Luxurious trim and comfortable control in the conditions of natural and man-made lack of roads have long made the Grand Cherokee the

How to use the automatic transmission

More and more cars with automatic transmissions appear on domestic roads. In European countries, there has already been a significant bias towards transmissions with automatic transmissions. This is due to the improvement of the production technology

The choice between japanese and german cars

>The debate about which car is better: German or Japanese, has been conducted between motorists for more than a dozen years. Practically every car owner from Germany and Japan is ready to argue for hours that his vehicle is safer, faster and more

Peugeot 308 2014 - car of the year and just a quality model

The Peugeot 308 car belongs to the category of multifunctional cars, because modern appearance is combined here, excellent aerodynamic indicators, compact size, which allowed the car to maneuver easily on the road, regardless of the intense flow of

How to make a car antenna with your own hands

Car owners who spend a long time behind the wheel of their cars, strive to provide maximum comfort themselves and passengers. Such features of comfort include various multimedia systems with TV, video and audio. However, classical antennas poorly
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