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What tinted car windows are allowed in russia?

Gradually, but steadily, on the Russian roads, the old order is being replaced by new rules that are more in line with world experience. Permitted car tinting, which continues to be a popular option for tuning them, is no exception. According to the

Uaz patriot: description, modifications, specifications

The mid-size Russian SUV of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant appeared in the 50s of the last century. Model UAZ Patriot (pictured) as one of the four modifications of the UAZ Trophy, which appeared at the beginning of this millennium. The first Patriot

Gm-avtovaz announced april discounts for chevrolet niva

Discounts on popular in our country "Shnivy"made in the current year will be valid for the whole month. Nothing new has been invented by sales managers: you can buy a Russian SUV more profitably by extending the trade-ins and utilization program for

Top 10 best pickups of the world for russia

Increasingly, on the roads of Russia, you can see pickups - comfortable cars designed for carrying and towing loads. If you want to buy a car of this class, but you can not stop at any one, the rating of the Top 10 best pickups in the world for

Recommendations for choosing a car stereo

>The radio is the main unit of the audio system, plays the role of the heart in reproducing the acoustic sound in the car. Motorists who spend a significant part of the day in the car, high-quality music allows not only to brighten up time, but

Declassified design jeep wrangler new generation

The Internet has declassified the design of a new generation of Jeep Wrangler, which is now being tested on the sand dunes of Silver Lake in northern Michigan. The 7-minute video recorded by the JL Wrangler forum allows you to evaluate how the new

How to unlock the alarm

Not one modern car now can not be equipped with an anti-theft system (alarm). The market of car security systems is a huge selection of different alarms - the usual sound, with feedback, with remote engine start, etc. But this is all electronics, and

Rating of putties for car body repair

>Often, if you need to carry out car body repair, you have to use a putty. This is a special automotive putty, which are used to work on metal or plastic, as the basic materials of manufacture of the machine itself.Car body puttyingРассмотрим

July 9, 2015 in russia will begin selling restyled renault

Experienced face lifting and retrofitting procedures updated Renault Duster Russian motorists can buy in the dealer networks of Renault since July 9. Promotional price tag on the basic version of the parquet SUV will start with the amount of 534

Russian sue dealer million for marriage razdatke shnivy

A resident of the Krasnoyarsk Territory did not even imagine how the purchase of a new one would end Chevrolet Levels at the local car dealership of one of the dealers of cars of this brand. It was in early 2012. For the money for shnivy, along with
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