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Gm hired programmers to crack jeep

The auto company General Motors took on the work of IT employees who hacked into the 2015 Jeep. Now Charlie Miller and Chris Valejsik will be engaged in cyber security of cars with autopilot in the subsidiary Cruise Automation. New experts will be

Check of hydrocompensators

In the proposed article we will try to carefully consider all the features of the check of the hydraulic compensators. This element of the car is a hydraulic mechanism, due to which an optimum clearance is established in the valve mechanism when

Why do the windows get fogged in the car and how to get rid

One of the main drawbacks of driving in the winter and during the autumn thaw is misted windows, which reduce visibility and make the driver nervous. To quickly get rid of this problem and not be distracted on the road to wipe the windshield, you

Full test drive volkswagen polo sedan (vw polo sedan) in

In the middle of the summer of 2015, the updated Volkswagen Polo in a sedan body entered the Russian markets. This car has already become the flagship and one of the best-selling cars on the market, and the update only added to its

On the "killed" roads can be reported on the site "killed

A special Internet portal called “Killed roads” began to work in full force, and lovers to visit sites from smartphones also had little time to wait: very soon this portal will have a version adapted for mobile gadgets, as well as a corresponding

Citroen cars are very reliable and inexpensive cars

The Citroën company (now since 1976), part of the Peugeot-Citroën concern, appeared in 1919. Her father, the founder Andre Citroen, hardly suspected that his offspring would become a huge international concern, bringing billions in profits every

Top 10 best pickups of the world for russia

Increasingly, on the roads of Russia, you can see pickups - comfortable cars designed for carrying and towing loads. If you want to buy a car of this class, but you can not stop at any one, the rating of the Top 10 best pickups in the world for

In the first quarter of 2017, jeep increased sales in russia

In the first quarter of this year, the American automaker Jeep increased Russian sales of its cars by 14 percent. This is evidenced by the reporting data for January-March. It is reported that, first of all, residents of the Russian Federation

We plant the car without a key

You can lose your keys at any time, but what if you are away from home and you can’t go for a spare kit? The answer is simple - try to start the car in other ways. But automakers deliberately remove all wiring away to make it difficult to access. The

How to change the alternator belt tensioner pulley

At first glance, minor components in the car can significantly affect the performance of entire systems. An example of such work is the alternator belt tensioner. Thanks to him, the force is corrected during the transmission of rotation. In the
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