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Big losses: the most expensive accidents in the world

>Expensive cars are always fast, comfortable and safe - this is what wealthy people require from personal transport. However, the high cost does not always bring only benefits - for example, after an accident such cars require a very long, costly

Which is better: honda cr-v or volkswagen tiguan?

>To date, the domestic car market is fully saturated with compact SUVs. Customers auto dealers are increasingly paying attention to foreign-made crossovers, referring to the constant increase in the cost of fuel. After all, maintenance and

Signs of turbine breakdowns in a car and ways to avoid them

 For every motorist, it is no secret that the technique tends to fail, and the reason for this can be many different factors. With regards to the automotive turbine, it should be noted right away - by itself it cannot break, there is always a reason.

Why is cold air blowing out of the stove?

Without heating in a car, driving in cold weather is almost impossible. Ice or misted glass reduces visibility to zero. There are several reasons why the stove does not work. They are mechanical faults that can be repaired by yourself. Содержанandе1

New zotye sr9 - zooty sr9 2017–2018: prices, equipment,

Zotye, a privately owned automaker from Zhejiang Eastern China Province, is an example of truly successful business under tight government regulations. At first, the young organization, founded by Yin Jianzhen in 2005, was engaged in the supply of

Compare hyundai solaris and skoda rapid

>Few motorists can boast that they know exactly which car will come to replace the one that they have now. Most still torn in the choice of at least between the two models. In this article we will discuss what is better: Skoda Rapid or Hyundai

What is a timing belt

Одним из ключевых механизмов в двигателе внутреннего сгорания является привод газораспределения. Он необходим для вращения распределительного вала и своевременного открывания клапанов в цилиндрах. Каждому автовладельцу не помешает более подробно

How to check the automatic box when buying a car

Before buying a car with mileage, you need to carefully check that all its parts and components, starting with the body and the passenger compartment, and ending with the engine and gearbox, are in good condition. If you prefer a vehicle with an

In perpetual motion: which motors are most reliable?

>Among motorists of any age there are legends about “million-plus motors”, which are able to overcome huge distances without significant breakdowns and even more so - complete failure. Some believe that such stories are very exaggerated, and the

Removing the driver's door trim

Door trim may become unusable, for example, due to cracks or due to the loss of aesthetic appearance. In such a situation, it will require replacement. Most often, the driver's door is operated in passenger cars, so the greatest risks of getting
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