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Winter tires rating - the best winter tires of 2018

For each motorist, the winter season is not an easy choice - what kind of winter tires should you buy? Safety of movement, life of people and observance of the law in general depends on it. According to clause 5.5 of Annex No. 8 of the Customs

Is it possible to restore the spikes on winter tires with

Full preparation of the vehicle for winter conditions includes the replacement of rubber. Most often, wheels with built-in spikes are used for this purpose, providing increased stability and machine control on slippery surfaces. Periodically there is

How to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier in a car?

The presence of a subwoofer can significantly improve the performance of the car's speaker system, but this will be possible only if properly connected to the amplifier. Unfortunately, this operation is not as simple as it seems to many. In order for

On the internet, declassified grille of the new jeep

The first snapshot of the new Jeep Wrangler radiator grille was published on the web, which was shown on the jlwranglerforums.com thematic forum. Judging by the photograph, the design of the most recognizable element of this model of new generation

How to check engine compression

In the proposed article we will try to reveal in detail all the main points of the question, how to check the compression in a car engine. To obtain data on compression in cylinders will require the following tools: compressometer; syringe; candle

What is the lambda probe responsible for?

Cars produced by progressive global companies are hard to imagine without all sorts of sensors and devices that read signals. Such an engineering approach ensures the smooth operation of all systems. Not the last place in the hierarchy of importance

Test drive the new citroen c4 sedan gave a complete picture

The car sedan Citroen C4 belongs to the category of the most popular and accessible to the masses of vehicles. Folk model was first introduced in 2012 in Paris.Sedan dimensions: length 4261 mm, width 1789 mm, height 1491 mm. The wheelbase is 2708 mm.

Gorgeous rolls-royce is still the same english

Rolls-Royce - car-legend, car-era. Car presidents and superstars. And even the well-known company Bentley Motors in the years 1931-1998 was a division of Rolls-Royce.Rolls-Royce was the main machine in the garage of British Queen Elizabeth II and

How to improve the instrument panel vaz 2110

There is always a moment when a motorist no longer wants to see the factory instrument panel of the VAZ 2110, and something more interesting and modern. Therefore, it simply suggests the replacement of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110. In this

Riding in the winter on summer tires

Many are interested in whether it is possible to ride in the winter on summer tires. There are different opinions, let's deal with them. If you hope so much for the utilities of your city that you do not consider it necessary to change winter tires
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