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The best scanners for working with obd2 errors in the car

>If the car starts to behave incorrectly, there are suspicions about violations in the system. This requires a mandatory visit to the diagnostic center. But the cost of such services is high, which forces car owners to independently engage in

Sealants used for cooling systems

>Drivers often use a sealant for the cooling system to eliminate leaks. In engines, strong temperature drops occur, which is why the heat-tired processes in thin-walled pipes develop: parts wear out, microcracks form that allow coolant to

Nissan recalls several thousand infiniti because of the

New revocable campaign applies to cars Infiniti brand, directly sold in our country. These are premium cars that came off the assembly line of the Japanese automaker in almost five years, from the first days of April 2006 to the end of March 2010.

Dates of inspection

The emergence of new legislation relating to road transport, forcing drivers to follow the changes in the regulatory framework. At the same time it is necessary to ensure compliance of your vehicle with the established technical characteristics

Koreans told about the new generation kia rio two weeks

Company Kia Motors published photos and detailed information about новопоколенном Kia Rio (fourth generation), destined for the European car market. The official premiere of the novelty should take place at the nearest Paris Motor Showwhich starts in

What to look for when buying a used ford mondeo

>Of those who are going to buy a car, many turn their attention to the secondary market. Given this, we decided to make a review for those who are going to buy a used Ford Mondeo. For the review, models already taken out of production were taken,

Choosing the right tires for trucks.

>Owners of trucks, buses, tow trucks or special vehicles periodically need to buy new truck tires. It would seem that everything is simple: an ordinary wheel from a passenger car does not fit in size, which means you need to look great for a

Germans will present a restyled volkswagen golf in november

The next planned modernization of the most popular model on the European car market, more precisely, the Germans will officially present its results in the coming November. This is the last in the lineup. седьмого поколения Golf course restyling,

Where is the date of manufacture on the battery?

The quality of any product is influenced by its production time. The fresher a product is, the longer its working period will be. These statements are fully applicable to the automotive battery. However, not all drivers know where the battery date is

Top american car brands for today

The world-famous automobile magazine "Total Score Car" unveiled the top ten cars in North America. When creating this list, the conclusions and comparisons of car reviews for the most popular American car brands from the nine largest US automobiles
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