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Economy option: crossovers up to 700,000 rubles

>If your budget for the purchase of a car is limited to 700 thousand rubles, you should not despair. For the money you can buy even a new crossover. Yes, it will not be auto famous top manufacturers in the richest set. But for a new SUV for

Restyled subaru forester has risen in price by two hundred

The updated Subaru forester (from the English. Forester - forester) is already available for purchase at Russian car dealership centers. Restyling had a beneficial effect on the technical characteristics of the car, for which he added to the

New chevrolet equinox - chevrolet equinox 2018: price,

In September 2016, the American auto giant General Motors (more precisely, its Chevrolet division, focused mainly on the foreign market) announced the upcoming premiere of the new generation of the popular Equinox crossover (photo below). The

Useful tips for novice drivers

The joy of obtaining a driver's license can be a little diluted by the fact that now you have to drive yourself without the help of an instructor. Gaining driving experience, useful will be useful tips for novice drivers from more experienced

How to protect the car from theft with their own hands

Iron friend on wheels acts as an indispensable assistant in all situations. Therefore, drivers are trying to protect the car from theft. In principle, one hundred percent security system, giving a full guarantee of car safety is not, but you can

The most unreliable cars: top 10 in the ranking of the worst

At the end of 2016, the monthly American magazine Consumer Reports, which reviews and tests various products and their groups, turned its attention to cars. As a result of comparing the testing of many brands, employees of the publication have made

Compare gasoline and diesel engine

Choosing a new car, certainly the question arises, “Which engine should I choose: gasoline or diesel?”. Of course, both diesel and gasoline engines have both disadvantages and undeniable advantages and choices predetermine personal preferences and

Top best business class cars 2017

Distinctive features of business class cars (or E class) are spaciousness and spaciousness, comfortable lounge, excellent design and of course a high level of security. Despite the fact that today the demand for such machines has dropped a little,

10 tips for driving comfort

While driving, your hands and upper body experience a lot of stress. By following these simple tips, you can safely reach your destination with less pain and effort. Properly arrange your driver's space Sit straight in the seat and feel the

Granta and kalina will have the opportunity to change the

Tolyatti tuning makers decided to make money on changing the look of grant and kalinby developing for them bumpers in the style of the Lada Xray and Vesta. And actually, no one would be able to prevent them from doing so, something, and they love to
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