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Jeep grand cherokee trackhawk set a record power among

A few days before the auto show opened in New York, the American manufacturer revealed the technical specifications of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The extreme version of the new model received the same engine 6.2, which is installed on the

Lada vesta will soon be in mass production

Great news for fans of cars of domestic production, AvtoVAZ announced the release of a trendy car - new Lada Vesta, the mass production of which is expected from September 2015. But does this car really meet all the expectations of both the

Dealers decided to significantly throw off skoda cars until

All official Russian dealers of the Czech Skoda carmaker provide motorists with essential Skoda Yeti discounts and models of the Octavia line until the end of January. The maximum discount will be up to 220 thousand rubles. It is clear that not

The chinese company dongfeng started selling the

In the Chinese auto market replenishment: Dongfeng Automotive Corporation began selling seven-seat crossover Dongfeng f Eng type SX6. Do not rush to quickly pronounce this colorful name - you can easily break your tongue with unaccustomed language:

Tesla will soon show its first electric vehicle

Company Tesla decided to diversify its range of electric cars with a new pickup. Why suddenly developers Tesla pulled on trucks, when not all over the world their cars easily find their buyers? The company's management claims that since pickups are

What is better to buy for trips around the city: chevrolet

>Look at the road in any major city of our country. A continuous stream of cars. Not only domestic cars roll on the highway, as was the case in the Soviet past. Now literally hundreds of brands of dozens of manufacturers are available to the

Compare hyundai solaris and skoda rapid

>Few motorists can boast that they know exactly which car will come to replace the one that they have now. Most still torn in the choice of at least between the two models. In this article we will discuss what is better: Skoda Rapid or Hyundai

How to remove tint

For modern drivers, the issue of toning is one of the most pressing. With the constant tightening of penalties for tinted windows, motorists have to take action. Otherwise, they face a considerable fine and spoiled mood. However, the removal of

Which car is better - lada kalina 2 or lada granta

>Now the company AvtoVAZ offers just two modern cars. The first is Lada Kalina, the second version of which was released quite recently. The second car - Granta, which at one time changed the first Kalina. Both cars belong to the class of compact

Fine for child seat

According to official statistics, the cause of death in 80% of children in a major accident is the neglect of safety rules by parents. Simply put, there were no special restraints in the car or the child was not simply fastened. The penalty for the
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