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Tuning engine vaz 2109 on their own

When it comes to improving the technical characteristics of any domestic car, the first thought that comes to mind is the phrase: "We need to put a different engine from a foreign car, for example." But not everyone can afford this option, so today

The best gas stations in russia

>Many gas stations in Russia are not able to fully meet customer needs. Not all stations have what the modern car owner needs. Although the key criterion is high-quality fuel, the additional criteria were also taken into account when compiling the

Gasoline lada vesta was able to go a thousand kilometers on

An experimental version of the Lada Vesta, which uses not only gasoline, but also methane gas, during the tests, was able to drive a thousand miles at one gas station. These tests, which ended successfully, marked the beginning of the mass production

New infiniti qx80 - infiniti ku x 80 2018: price,

What is the fundamental difference between a full-size Japanese SUV from its counterparts from other Asian countries, for example South Korea and China? Perhaps the best answer to this question is provided by the Nissan (Infiniti) -based European

New honda ridgeline - honda ridgeline 2018: dimensions,

In the spring of 2018, a new generation of the Honda Ridgeline pickup will be launched on the international market. Cars will become even more reliable, more comfortable and more spacious, and a reasonable price will allow Honda products to attract

Volkswagen passat b7 - a magnificent national car

Машины, которые производятся концерном Volkswagen достаточно популярны в мире. И это не случайно, ведь автомобили Фольксваген обладают высоким качеством, а соответственно и долгим периодом эксплуатации. Именно поэтому автомобили этой марки хорошо

Top minivans rating

>Calling one uniquely the best, high-quality and reliable minivan is difficult. There is nothing to choose from, since manufacturers offer good cars of high performance. We offer you a rating that shows the best possible family cars in a trend and

Camera for painting cars with their own hands

After a major body repair or a serious accident, the car usually needs painting. This type of work should be carried out in a specialized room. For those who wish to engage in painting at a sufficiently high level, you can be interested in a painting

Brazilian media declassified new jeep suv

Brazilian media have published in their publications photos of the new SUV company Jeep. The car appeared in front of the cameras in full beauty and without camouflage. It is known that the new product will replace 2 models at once in the company's

July 9, 2015 in russia will begin selling restyled renault

Experienced face lifting and retrofitting procedures updated Renault Duster Russian motorists can buy in the dealer networks of Renault since July 9. Promotional price tag on the basic version of the parquet SUV will start with the amount of 534
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