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How to remove tint

For modern drivers, the issue of toning is one of the most pressing. With the constant tightening of penalties for tinted windows, motorists have to take action. Otherwise, they face a considerable fine and spoiled mood. However, the removal of

We choose a varnish for the car among the huge range

After the car has been painted, it is necessary to coat it with varnish, which will further protect the car from rust, and also give shine to the car and improve its appearance. In the production of varnishes for cars used synthetic resin. In order

Today began selling lada xray

С withегодняшнего дня withтартовали продажи второй из нашумевших новинок АВТОВАЗа - долгожданной для любителей роwithwithийwithкого автопрома Лады Икwithрей. Так называемый "выwithокий хэтчбек" имеет withтартовый ценник в 589 тыwithяч рублей. За эту

What kind of alloy wheels better rating

>The car only looks when it is on good and high-quality disks. The rating includes the top most popular manufacturers and models on the Russian market.Car on good and high-quality drivesFeatures alloy wheelsAmong all types of rims, cast wheels are

Used toyota hilux practically do not lose in price

There is such a term as "residual value", which describes the current quality of a used car in relation to the price for which it was sold in a new condition. So, Russian specialized agencies conduct monitoring of this value all the time. One of

Bmw 1 series in the secondary market: is it worth buying?

In 2004, the BMW 1-Series appeared in the back of the E87, this car is considered the most modest and inexpensive BMW brand cars. The body of reliability is no different from their counterparts. Also a large layer of paint, paintwork quality and

Comparison universal renault duster and chevrolet niva

Renault Duster Появление на рынке универсала Renault Duster пошатнуло позиции прямого конкурента – Chevrolet Levels, переманив на свою сторону большое количество целевой аудитории. Buyers have the opportunity to alternative choice. However, Niva

The better to lubricate the cv joints?

>Front-wheel drive cars have a lot of advantages - in most cases, they are easier and easier to manufacture, and also have better maneuverability on slippery roads. However, they also have some drawbacks, for example, the use of the CV Joints in

The most stolen cars: hot "ten" in recent years

The introduction of new technologies in the design of vehicles goes in parallel with the development of new ways of hacking cars. Car hijackers turn off the alarm, enter the salon, and the next morning the vehicle owner does not find it under the

Porsche panamera sport turismo station wagon will arrive at

German premium brand Porsche decided to fill up the luxury station wagon segment on the European car market with its new model. This is a "barn" Panamera Sport Tourismwhich has diabolical relics under the hood, and therefore hellish price tags,
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