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The cheapest to maintain suvs and crossovers

>When buying and owning a car, the costs of scheduled and unscheduled repairs are becoming an important part of the car owner's budget. People when choosing a car is guided and a reasonable desire to save their money. Crossovers and SUVs are not

Recommendations for choosing an adhesive for automotive

>Despite the fact that the windows in the car are made of very durable material, they are still a high risk zone in any car. Even a small pebble that has flown out from under the wheels of an overtaking or oncoming vehicle can destroy the

Installing heated seats do it yourself

The cold season in Russia lasts about six months. Although there are regions in the country and with a longer period of winter and a much harsher climate than in the middle belt. In this case, the installation of heated seats is not only not be

Fans showed their vision of a 2018 jeep wrangler pickup

Loyal fans of the American manufacturer Jeep presented their vision of a new pickup truck based on the Wrangler platform. This was done thanks to spy photos of a camouflaged pickup truck and small leaks of information from company officials. New

What is the penalty for parking in the wrong place

The Russian authorities have begun to restore order with parking spaces. The main lever for restoring order was an increased penalty for improper parking. This measure, according to the country's leaders, should be decisive in combating the often

The best winter non-studded tires in 2018

>Every year the Russian market is filled up with all new types of tires supplied by completely different brand manufacturers. In the material below, only the most popular models that any motorist can purchase in 2018 are considered. It is worth

Which is better to choose between cast and stamped rims

>Disputes over the two main types of rims do not subside until now. Everyone is trying to understand which of the discs is better - cast or stamped. Each of the options has its own objective advantages. But at the same time we must not forget

Honda accord tuning basics

Honda Accord is one of the most successful models of the famous Japanese automaker. For the first time the Accord was released in 1967, and now the ninth generation of the popular car is on sale. Honda Accord is a mid-size car produced in different

June discounts for purchase of four toyota models for

The Russian representative office of the Japanese auto brand Toyota announced the extension of discounts on four models until the end of June 2016. Discounts on car fleet renewal program only apply to business sedan Toyota CamrySUVs Lend Cruiser

Powerful tuning lada granta do it yourself

When choosing a car for a thorough tuning, many people turn their attention to the cars of the Russian manufacturer. This is due primarily to the fact that AvtoVAZ cars have a low cost. When tuning such cars, significant improvements can be made,
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