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How to improve the instrument panel vaz 2110

There is always a moment when a motorist no longer wants to see the factory instrument panel of the VAZ 2110, and something more interesting and modern. Therefore, it simply suggests the replacement of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110. In this

A comparative review of two american crossovers acura rdx

>D-class crossover lovers dedicatedTwo crossovers from across the ocean - the Acura RDX and the Cadillac SRX are like titans go into battle. For Acura, the RDX is a debut, for the Cadillac the SRX is a new attempt. Both cars enter the market of

New kia stonic - kia stonik 2017–2018: exterior and

In the autumn of 2017, sales of a new generation, ultra-compact crossover from the Kia began in South Korea. Trade name of the car - Stonic - is a mixture of two English words: speedy (rapid) and tonic (tonic). According to Kia marketers, these

Renault duster vs chevrolet niva - how to choose an suv for

>In the distant past, the Soviet Niva SUV coped well with overcoming difficult roads. But even if he did not cope well, there were no alternatives anyway. Today there are many options, and this puts us before a choice. How to make it right, what

Frequent breakdowns in mazda 3 mps

Mazda 3 MPS - the sports version of the popular “treshka” in the hatchback body, equipped with a 2.3-liter power unit with a power of 260 hp. Despite the fact that Japanese engineers managed to present fans of dynamic driving a fairly reliable and

Foreign cars up to 600 thousand rubles can please with their

When choosing a car, the first decisive factor that influences the choice is financial capacity. Of course, if you don’t have several thousand rubles to buy your dream car or make a serious tuning of your six, then you can take a loan or earn some

Rating of b-class cars in russia

>Practice shows that without exception, all buyers who want to buy a "universal" eventually buy a "sedan", but they still have the desire to own a universal.B-class carsA small and compact car has gained huge popularity in Europe and Japan. Harsh

Unmanned hyundai genesis received numbers from the south

For unmanned vehicles a bright future, and the development of such cars today is already a trend. Virtually every car brand is either secretly, in the backyard, or it is officially experimenting on this, in general, still unplowed field. And the

The new kia optima 4th generation received some

The Kia Optima is an interesting car, it looks very stylish, among the main competitors is the Toyota Camry, which has always sold better than the Kia Optima, judging by previous generations. Yes, this is understandable, Japanese cars are considered

Ssang yong took time out in russian sales of their cars

Unlike most Chinese automakers, who by hook or by crook hold on to the Russian car market, the “Korean” SsangYong stopped selling its crossovers and pickups in our country. If you go to the official web resource of the Russian representative office
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