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Mercedes-benz v-class roomy minivan with the makings of

Having a ride on a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, it becomes clear why some people buy it for so much money, for the same money you can buy an SUV or a luxury sedan. But the V-class can also provide luxury and a pleasant driving experience.For many years,

Japanese demonstrated restyled nissan x-trail

The Japanese presented at the auto show in the US upgraded Nissan RogueIn the version for our Russian car market it is called Nissan X-Trail. After the update, the crossover received additional equipment to ensure safety on the road, a new multimedia

Reliable, high-quality and affordable cars with mileage

>The most popular used cars on the territory of the Russian Federation are Toyota, Ford and Renault. The most affordable is to include the model AvtoVAZ.В последнее время новые авто продаются всё хуже, что обуславливается снижением финансовых

10 tips for driving comfort

While driving, your hands and upper body experience a lot of stress. By following these simple tips, you can safely reach your destination with less pain and effort. Properly arrange your driver's space Sit straight in the seat and feel the

Обзор нового kia rio (kia rio) 2017

The KIA RIO model is represented in one of the most saturated market segments, so the Korean engineers had the difficult task of ensuring the competitiveness of their model. The presentation of KIA RIO was held in October 2016 in Paris. According to

Comparative review of lada vesta vs lada grants

All the less often there are jokes about the domestic auto industry. With an enviable regularity, new models of VAZ began to enter the market, which are increasingly adapted to the needs of the consumer. Sometimes buyers are faced with a serious

Brutal suv vlf automotive x-series shown in detroit

At the Detroit Auto Show, the concept X-Series SUV from the tuning company VLF Automotive was officially introduced. The frame SUV VLF Automotive X-Series attracts the attention of visitors to the salon, first of all, by its aggressive angular

Moscow auto show 2016: geely nl-3 crossover presented

A four-wheel drive crossover will soon appear in Russia, which is known in China as the Bo Yue SUV. A new car for the Russian market has received the name - Geely NL-3. Recently, the car presented at the Moscow Motor Show 2016. The design of the

The updated suv kia mohave went "in series" on kaliningrad

The serial build of the updated Let Mohave, launched at the Kaliningrad Automobile Plant, will logically end with the start of sales of this frame SUV in the coming April. The Korean all-tracker has been collected in Russia for a long time - since

New cars up to 700,000 are different

When buying a new car, even 30,000 rubles can significantly affect the type of equipment and the availability of additional options, as well as what brand the car will be.New cars up to 700,000 rubles or cars up to 750,000 rubles can be of various
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