American cars

Ford explorer 2016 in picking sport with great features

“Sport” equipment Ford Explorer - is a complete stuffing with a V6 engine of a twin-turbo. This car has turned out very powerful, and creates a serious competition to Toyota Highlander or Volkswagen Tuareg. And in general, the size of the Explorer is

Dodge ram 1500 and its specifications

What is a Dodge Ram? This is a big, powerful and brutal car, where you can drive around the city and in the countryside. Until 2011, the brand belonged to the Dodge brand. Now it is a separate division of Ram Trucks (still owned by Chrysler). The

The title of the fastest car in the world took hennessey

Аппарат Hennessey Venom GT попал в книгу рекордов Гиннеса, потому что смог стать самым быстрым автомобилем среди существующих серийных автомобилей. Речь идет о максимальной скорости. До этого момента рекорд скорости был у Бугатти Вейрон, но теперь

Chevrolet lacetti: tuning budget and legendary car

Chevrolet Lacetti is a stylish and practical 5-door hatchback, which is considered a family car. There are also sedans and generalists. The Lacetti has a spacious lounge with plenty of convenient storage compartments. This car is considered a very

Classic american cars are more beautiful than many modern

The 70s were not only the year of the sexual revolution and rock’n’roll, but also a new wave for the automotive industry in the USA. This era has brought us a lot of interesting models, which are still in great demand among collectors and just fans

Chevrolet suburban: car for lovers of harsh vehicles

Big American Car - in the case of Chevrolet Suburban These words should be written only with a capital letter.On the other hand, this is another huge SUV, for which the concepts of "environmental friendliness" and "economy" are two unknown words with

Dodge challenger 1969 (photo) still pleases muscle car

Dodge Challenger 1969 in his years had a great success, because by the seventies, the honorary name of the most popular cars in America gained muscle car. Representatives of this class of cars were initially medium-sized, equipped with a very

Dodge ram srt 10 sport truly american pickup

Today we are under the scrutiny of the Dodge Ram SRT 10 Sport - a very powerful machine, but not useful in terms of traction. American developers installed a powerful engine from a sports car in this rustic rear-wheel drive pickup.Yes, it is very

Terrible and solid jeep grand cherokee srt8

So, this is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8- the fastest car brand Jeep.Здесь отличный звук, благодаря стерео системе с 3-мя сабвуферами и 19-и колонками. Это очень редкая модель, ведь лимит импортирования Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8в Россию – 10 машин в

Ford kuga i in the secondary market: what to look for

Ford Kuga is a modern crossover that combines beauty, good equipment and some off-road qualities. In general, the car is good, for affordable money, it has been produced since 2008, but it has already changed its generation, you can buy the second
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