American cars

Cadillac cts-v - american competitor charged bmw 5-series

The Cadillac CTS-V is the older model, and the ATS-V is the youngest, it's like with a BMW: the 5th is the older, and the 3rd is the younger. ATS-V is smaller in size, even there is less space for a motor, so you can't put a serious device in there.

Lada vesta is like hot cakes

Yesterday we finally started selling the long-awaited Lada West. As part of the night show Vesta Night, organized by AvtoVAZ, were announced prices for Lada Vesta an hour later the first novelty was sold. In total, the dealerships were put up for

Popular car among american officers in excellent condition

At the end of the war, people in the United States who felt triumphant wanted a bright life. This was reflected in the music, fashion, and could not but affect the automotive industry. A popular car among American officers, the Buick, is a sedan that

Tesla model s - the future of the automotive world

For anyone who has ever been driving a Tesla Model S, the world will definitely never be the same. Sales of cars have just begun in some European countries, but some specimens romp along the roads of Russia.Owners of the car are not at all afraid of

2013 chevrolet corvette fast and agile

На автосалоне в Детройте был представлен новый Chevrolet Corvette в 2013 году, это уже 7-е поколение Корветов. Кроме того, новый Корвет был выставлен и на автосалоне в Женеве, при том, что компания Шевроле больше ориентируется на американский и

Jeep compass 2014: do not judge by clothes

Jeep Compass 2014 Year - this is a model of the American SUV, on account of which since 2006 there are already two restyling that made the car exactly as we see it in the last photos.It is worth noting that under the typical appearance of an SUV in

American cars are so different

Говорить про american cars, означает обсуждать саму историю развития США. Ведь без таких компаний, как Ford американскую историю и экономику представить просто невозможно.The company General Motors, which owns the following brands of American cars:

Chevrolet cruze with mileage: what you need to know when

Now the Chevrolet Cruze is not officially represented in Russia, but on the secondary market of these cars you can find a lot. Does it make sense to buy such a used car of this model?For the first time the Chevrolet Cruze appeared in 2008 in South

What is the power of ford explorer 2014 and what will change

There is an opinion that the Americans are planning to plant our people on large cars, flooding the Russian market with a whole squall of their SUVs. It is easy to check how they succeeded, because now very few people will refuse to buy a new one.

Ford f-150 voted best-selling pickup.

Ford F-150 has established itself as a very reliable and serious car, and in 2013 it was released an updated version. Among pickups, this car can easily be the best car, for example, judging by the statistics, this pickup in sales has seriously
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