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The impressive size and specifications of the ford f650 are

The American company Ford has released a unique car model F650, which was supposed to be used in the field of construction. This American giant, differing in its dimensions, was created for work on towing, as well as the transportation of medium

Tuning ford scorpio significantly improves performance

Car Ford Scorpio saw the light in the distant 1985. The machine has excellent performance in safety, performance and driving. Also, the car looks good. For all the time of its existence, Scorpio has repeatedly undergone modernization, and because of

Ford mondeo 2014: a real sports bully

The next, fifth, generation of the Ford Mondeo received from the creators sports features like the Range Rover Sport 2014, which can be called quite unexpected, since previous generations of the model looked like “handsome beauties” Despite the

The new revolutionary cadillac xt5 has already appeared in

The company General Motors has long said that it is time to create something new, to make a revolution in the automotive market. And finally, they released a new Cadillac XT5, which in the class of crossovers will be at the level of German

Chevrolet tracker: what else is needed for confident driving

The new compact crossover from Chevrolet was presented at an exhibition in New York. Chevrolet Tracker built on the same platform, on the basis of which Opel Mokka was built, which is in great demand in Russia. Buick Encore was created on the same

New cadillac escalade will reach us in 2015

New Cadillac Escalade 2015 - This is the fourth generation of the car, safely produced since 1998. The official presentation of the updated version of the American SUV was held in New York in early October last year.Like many other cars, experiencing
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