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In the middle kingdom "lit up" the new generation sedan kia

Slumbering photo spies staged a real hunt for a new generation sedan discovered in China Let K2. Yesterday several pictures of not very good quality were published, and today another image of the front of the car appeared. Photograph of the nose of

The chinese will soon begin to deliver to us another

The Chinese will soon begin to supply us with another crossover - H Emma S5. This compact SUV will arrive to conquer the Russian car market in June-July of this year. We have already written earlier that the Chinese were going to do this last year.

Restyled kia soul 2016 started selling in russia

The line of cars of the Chinese Kia brand sold in Russia has replenished with one more model today - updated kia soul. Base hatchback is available from 830 thousand rubles. In total, the car is implemented in eight trim levels. Despite the restyling,

World premiere of the new skoda octavia held in vienna

In the Austrian capital, Czech managers officially presented New Octavia Damage. Czech novelty presented at the Vienna Academy of Arts. Which, in general, is symbolic: this world automotive bestseller is a work of art, without false modesty. On the

Hawail is preparing two fresh off-road vehicles

 Two new Chinese auto brand SUV Javele, the batch production of which is scheduled for the end of the current year, the paparazzi were declassified yesterday by publishing photos of these models made in the spy way on the Internet.Autobrend Javele

Uzbeks decided on how much will cost ravon nexia r3

At the beginning of this month in the capital of our country, Uzbek automakers presented a new brand, like the mythological Phoenix, revived on the ashes of Uz-Daewoo. Of course, this is Ravon, with his new models, which, in fact, are well-known old

Japanese announce new generation of suzuki jimny

Despite its size and not at all brutal appearance, usually characteristic of all-terrain models, compact Japanese crossover Suzuki Jimny is in great demand in many countries of the world, including Russia (meaning the period before the economic

The new “x-ray” design of the lada began to brazenly copy

Раньше копandрованandе элементов экстерьера and внутренней начandнкand andностранных автомобandлей было обычным делом для россandйскandх andнженеров-автостроandтелей, а теперь положенandе кардandнально andзменandлось: новым andксовым дandзайном

Farewell, matiz: uzbek ravon leads away from our car market

Who does not know this smart малолитражкуscurrying along the city streets, mostly with a lady driver behind the wheel? Once upon a time Dawood Mathewand now  Ravon Matiz will no longer be delivered to Russian car dealers. To date, stocks of this

A new crossover kia sorento (kia sorento) 2017-2018 was

The Russian market did not have time to move away from the last new Kia, as the Sorento Prime lineup has been supplemented with another new crossover. While the SUV is available exclusively on the Korean market, it is sure to win the confidence of
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