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The network published spy photos suv jeep wrangler 2018

Recently, on road tests, photospies managed to photograph a new generation of the Jeep Wrangler SUV. The car is not the first time passes tests, but the media along with photos provided new information regarding the new car 2018 model year. As you

The fine for tinting will increase to 2,000 rubles

For love, more precisely, the pathological passion for tinted windows, drivers will soon have to pay a fine that is three to four times the size of today. Accordingly, if today it is punished with five hundred rubles for it, then by the end of the

Koreans retrofitted hyundai creta with an option package

Korean developers presented to the car owners a package of additional options for the crossover Hyundai Crete. This package is installed only on the top-end assembly of an all-wheel drive crossover, under the hood of which a two-liter 149-horsepower

New cars of the brand great wall until the russians are not

Local dealers of the Chinese automotive company Great Wall faced with unforeseen problems: they can not agree with their partners from the Middle Kingdom on the supply of spare parts for the assembly of cars in 2015. What is the problem there, no

The germans started selling the new volkswagen bora in the

Новопоколенный Volkswagen Bora sedan the Germans began to sell massively in the Chinese car market. It is not known why the Celestial Empire became a place to test consumer demand for the new generation four-door car: Volkswagens are popular all over

The price for the restyled uaz “patriot” was announced

Engineers of the Ulyanovsk auto giant have completed the process of updating the model range UAZ Patriot 2016. The design bureau added freshness to the look of the most famous Russian SUV, both outside and inside the cabin. In addition to minor

New 2018 jeep wrangler "lit" without camouflage

In the United States, we managed to photograph the new Jeep Wrangler 2018, whose images were posted on a foreign forum. Novelty noticed without camouflage for a couple of months before the official debut. We add that the SUV will be presented in

At the top of a cliff in yorkshire, opened a car dealership

American automaker Jeep took care of the true lovers of the company's SUVs and opened a car dealership in a very unusual place. An unusual car dealership was located on the top of a cliff in Yorkshire near Robin Hood's Bay. In this non-standard way,

The state will subsidize auto loans up to 700,000 rubles

Following a subsidized rate of twelve percent on the purchase of mortgage housing, the state is going to compensate banks for a part of the cost of auto loans worth up to 700 thousand rubles. New car loans in limited quantities, but "at the old

Brazilians compensate for the failure of the punto hatchback

The local office of Italian Fiat announced the imminent start of production of a new subcompact hatch, and this model will be sold not only in the Brazilian car market, but also in other world markets, that is, will become a global model. South
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