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Logan and sandero get the akpp

Before the end of this year, the leadership of the French carmaker Renault plans to introduce in the configuration of the most popular in Russia Loganov and Sandero the option of equipping with an automatic gearbox. the plant itself is produced Lada

Until the end of april, bentley bentayga will be brought to

The crossover for affluent Russians, released in limited edition in First Edition, will arrive at Russian dealers before the end of this April. Bentley Bentley It is considered the most luxurious crossover in the segment available today. What is the

Jeep grand cherokee trackhawk with engine from hellcat will

The American automaker Jeep said that next year, as part of the auto show in New York, will present the most "charged" version of the Grand Cherokee - Trackhawk. The car will come with a powerful engine series Hellcat. Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will

The japanese launched a mass production of the

Production lines, from which the serial models of the new generation of the SUV began to descend Mazda CX-5in spite of the fact that there are quite a few of them all over the world, we have earned so far only in the Land of the Rising Sun This

The japanese are going to equip the "automatic" nissan

Automatic transmission will appear soon full-length Nissana Terrano and "chetyrehdverki" recently revived Japanese auto brand Datsun - sedan on-DO. According to the developers, the wait is not long: the automatic transmission will be screwed into

Lifan x50 will start selling in june 2015

Ruler Lifan subcompact crossovers expanded to another model, which will begin to sell on our Russian car market just a few days ago. This is a new off-road Chinese l I rice X50. Although it will be new only for our market, since it was officially

Chery tiggo coupe debuted in shanghai today

A year ago, at the stand of the Beijing Auto Show, Chery officially presented the concept of a cross-coupe cross-coupe with the code name FV2030. Today, as part of the Shanghai Motor Show, the Chinese have demonstrated a pre-series Coupe-shaped

New suv from the indians hyundai creta

The Indian office of Hyundai announced information about new compact SUV Hyundai Crete, which has already begun to be produced on the auto enterprises in Chennai. To us, the Indians are going to send components for the assembly of this SUV next year.

Baic group surprised hybrid "gelendvagenom" bj80

Ironically, or it was done deliberately, but at the Shanghai Motor Show, the stands of the Chinese corporation BAIC Group and Mercedes-Benz were located next to each other. Actually, there is nothing strange in this neighborhood, but when both there

New information about jeep wrangler

At one of the US forums of Jeep Wrangler fans, information appeared about the model of the new generation, which will receive the JL index instead of the current JK. It is reported that the official premiere of new items will be held December 1 at
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