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Toyota camry for the russian car market has experienced

Updated business four-door Toyota Camry, intended for sale in our country, can already be ordered in the dealerships of the Russian office of the brand in both capitals of the country. And for the residents of the “Zamkadya”, the updated Japanese

At the new york auto show officially unveiled a new kia

The current generation of Kia Optima sedans have been on the line for the past five years. Without any major changes, this model, which is popular all over the world, has been sold and bought for too long, and it is clear that you cannot stand in one

Dealers announced ruble price tags for the updated toyota

Russian car dealers voiced ruble price tags on обновленный SUV Toyota Highlander. Survived another restyling, Japanese mid-size crossover Toyota Highlander Now Russian motorists can only be bought in two assemblies. Unless, of course, allows pocket.

After the decision to subsidize the mortgage, the government

Given the failures of car sales to the Russian client over the past year, it is not surprising that in the highest echelons of power they attended to problem of car loans. What can the government do when the majority of the population today has

Another chinese will come to us in august: jac s2 compact

One moreавтомобиль китайского производства начнут продавать в России к началу осени текущего года. Очередной автопроизводитель из Поднебесной - JAC - запланировал поставки своего compact crossover JAC S2 at the end of August. This defiantly, in a

The new chevrolet cruze sedan of the american assembly this

Usually, the paparazzi manage to photograph still unrepresented car models in camouflage, but the new Chevrolet Cruze sedan, assembled not in Celestial, but in the homeland of the founding father of the company, they took off without masking

Covers removed from toyota's new crossover

The first photos of the new crossover from the Japanese auto brand Toyota appeared on the Internet. Japanese are going to present this new model one of these days at the Geneva Motor Show. As it always happens, shortly before the official premiere of

Russian volkswagen dealers started taking orders for the

Russian dealers of the German auto brand started accepting applications for the sports compact sedan Volkswagen Polo GT. Sell ​​this "chetyrehdverku" will begin in September 2016, and the price tags on this model start with 820 thousand rubles.

Toyota is experimenting with tricycles

The Japanese are quick-witted people, despite their small average height, they are well aware that with the growth of population and cities, the problem of transportation needs to be radically changed. Large-sized cars, of course, add significantly

The most popular b-class cars in the world for the first

The most popular B-class cars in the world for the first third of 2016 were determined. The budget German sedan climbed to the top of the global rating of the most popular cars in the "B" segment Volkswagen Polo. This is the data of generalized
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