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Skoda believes that we will sell two thousand octavia scout

Despite all the difficulties of the market, representatives of the Russian office of the Czech automaker Škoda are confident that they will be able to realize two thousand in the remaining ten and a half months of 2016 newых универсалов Octavia

Opel mokka, assembled in belarus, will be delivered to

Gradually fleeing from Russia due to the economic crisis, the Opel automaker settled with our closest Belarusian neighbors, where it organized a conveyor assembly of Opel Mokka SUVs. The Opel dealer network in Russia is collapsing, but until the

Fans showed their vision of a 2018 jeep wrangler pickup

Loyal fans of the American manufacturer Jeep presented their vision of a new pickup truck based on the Wrangler platform. This was done thanks to spy photos of a camouflaged pickup truck and small leaks of information from company officials. New

A car for 250 thousand will arrive in russia from india

Indian automakers producing cars under the Bajaj brand will bring to us in the spring of next year a super-compact car that will become the cheapest four-wheel vehicle sold in our country. Hindus promise a price tag on their "baby" in the region of a

French sedan peugeot 301 leaves the russian car market

Goodbye, three hundred and first, goodbye ... Compact sedan Peugeot 301 officially will no longer be sold in our country. The Russian representative office of the French brand has already removed this model from the list of available cars on its

More than 27,000 geely emgrand ec7 respond because of

Revocable company, which was initiated by the leadership of the Chinese automaker Geely, was launched in relation to cars Emgrand EC7, issued from mid-May 2012 to the end of November 2014. The reason is the suspicion of a marriage that was admitted

Uaz will produce a new modification of the patriot

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is going to add one more modification to the line of the Patriot UAZ: UAZ 3170. The new Russian SUV will have a frame structure, four-wheel drive, but with the equipment and design, the designers promise to play a lot.

Hackers hijacked hundreds of jeep in the us using software

It became known that the Houston police arrested two hackers who hijacked about 30 Jeep cars in 6 months. The criminals were only able to be detained thanks to the recording from a video surveillance camera. It is reported that a pair of car

Mitsubishi to set up rival bmw x4

The management of the Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi for the near future is very intently looking towards the class of crossovers. It is in this niche of cars that it is going to concentrate all its engineering surveys, and in the near future we can

Following the “civilian” version, audi announced a price for

A week has not passed since the Ingolstadt automotive brand announced price tags for the civilian version of the Audi Q5 crossover, and today the company's managers announced how much you can buy a sports version of the car with an index SQ5 In the
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