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The model range of peugeot 308 increased by gt line and gti

New Peugeot 308 hatchback modification with the prefix "GT Line" in the name has expanded the range of this series of cars. The Russian dealer network of Peugeot has already started accepting orders for this new product. Dealers assure that basic

Hot hatchback sandero will be presented just the other day

Sports and, as they say, "charged" version of Renault Sandero, developed and assembled by Renault Sport engineers, is preparing to appear before the mass public. The representation of the auto concern Renault in Brazil published a video featuring

By the end of 2015, skoda rapid became the favorite of the

Skoda Rapid, the localized assembly of which is performed at the facilities of the Kaluga Automobile Plant, according to the results of sales in the Russian car market in 2015, became one of the leaders among other models of the Czech brand Skoda.

Lada 4 × 4 modernization continues

AVTOVAZ continues to actively modernize one of the oldest, but not losing, model Lada 4x4. In addition to the new driver and passenger seats, which are decided to order from another supplier, a new dashboard has been developed, which will be

Upgraded patriot will be available soon

At the Ulyanovsk Automobile Building Plant are going to launch a series restyled UAZ Patriot. According to authoritative media, the updated Russian SUV did not receive outwardly significant changes as a result of the modernization. Designers only

Subaru managers have finally appreciated the new generation

Заказы на японский новопоколенный parquet boy Crosstrek American official dealers have already begun to accept. We have this model under a completely different name - Subaru XV, и эта японская "пятнашка" новой генерации скоро приедет и к российским

The germans voiced the ruble price tag on the two-door audi

Officially "dvuhdverka" Audi A5 It was presented in the early summer of this year at the auto show in Ingolstadt. Somewhere in the middle of October, she will come to Russian car dealers of the German brand. The other day ruble price tags on the

At uaz, it seems, they decided not to send hunter to rest.

At the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, they decided not to send a model for the “well-deserved rest” UAZ Hunter. Moreover, very soon they are planning to start work on restyling the latest actual version of “Hunter”. Produce restyled hunter gather in

The chinese showed the new generation geely emgrand ec7

As promised, the Chinese are not behind the schedule of development of the line of their cars. Photos of the serial modification announced back in April 2015 at the Shanghai Motor Show concept Geely Emgrand EC7 became public. Pictures of this car

Russian dealers clean up the remains of the great wall

Today, Russian auto dealers of the Chinese brand Great Wall have practically no ready-made off-road vehicles of this brand. And the point is not that they disperse like hotcakes, just the opposite. It’s just that the Chinese stopped supplying them to
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