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Tesla announces new budget sedan soon

Tesla Motors has posted on the Internet the first teaser images of the new electric sedan. The prices for it are not named, and in general any information on the electric vehicle is not disclosed. They said only that the model will be available,

Prospects for all-wheel drive models lada

From the rostrum of the International Scientific and Technical Conference called "Prospects for the development of cars" today guide AVTOVAZ spoke about the prospects for further 4x4 drive system design. AvtoVAZ engineers are going to adapt the

In st. petersburg in the fall of 2015 will begin to produce

The Japanese are the people of the word: they promised to start assembling parquet SUVs at their St. Petersburg automobile plant, please - officially announced that Nissan Qashqai brand crossovers will start to go off the assembly line approximately

Jeep announced the debut of a new generation of compass suv

The Indian office of the American manufacturer Jeep will debut the restyled Compass SUV on April 12. As you know, the new generation Jeep Compass is built on the same technological platform, which is the basis for the Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade

On the streets of kaluga, a new-generation volkswagen tiguan

One of the motorists could not resist and photographed new generation Volkswagen Tiguan, who unexpectedly met on one of the Kaluga streets. The fact that it is on the streets of Kaluga drives new tiguanThere is nothing surprising, because it is in

At the moscow motor show, a presentation of the lada ixcode

Today, right after the start of the Moscow International Auto Show (MIAS-2016), AvtoVAZ managers presented a conceptual model of an SUV parquet -  Lada XCode. This is far from a pre-series model, but just a show car, by the example of which

A month before the series, the lada west configurations are

In what trim off the conveyor First Frets Vesta, it became known thanks to AVTOVAZ dealers, who shared the available information on the Web. This information concerns only the first series of production of this long-awaited car, and what plans the

The japanese before the end of 2015 will begin production of

The Japanese automaker Infiniti is going to develop a new segment of the premium compact car market. The starting model for the presentation of a distinguished brand in this segment is selected new hatchback Infiniti Q30, which will begin to produce

Citroen started selling the updated c5 sedan in the middle

The Citroën C-5 Sedan has gone through a major upgrade; the official presentation of the updated four-door was held this spring.The "front" part of the body has been redesigned by car brand designers in full compliance with the new corporate style of

The new suv mitsubishi pajero sport will arrive in russia in

Новопоколенный Mitsubishi Pajero Sport officially introduced in Thailand. For all seven years of existence of this model, this is the most large-scale car upgrade. The first country in which these world-famous and popular off-road vehicles will be
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