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Volkswagen caddy van became all-terrain

Germans endowed with all-terrain characteristics Volkswagen Caddy Van. Three days later, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, they will demonstrate its new version, which was named as Volkswagen Caddy Alltrack. Europeans will wait for sales of all-terrain

Sawan's chinese photons will enter russia through belarus

Models of the Chinese SUV Foton Sauvana began to be localized to assemble at the Belarusian enterprise Belgi. This is good news, because any localized assembly reduces the prices of the finished model, which is extremely important for Russians in

Koreans updated the hyundai grand santa fe coupe

Sales of restyled off-road vehicle have already started on the South Korean car market Хёнде Grand Santa Fe. True, this car is called here a little differently, for us it is Grand Santa Fe, and the Koreans know him by name Hyundai Makskruz. A

Kia mohave restyled

Let Mohave as a result of the restyling has changed not only externally but also internally. Now, under the hood, he has a diesel unit working on emissions that corresponds to the ecological class Euro-6. In addition, the updated all-wheel drive

Koreans talked about the kia optima sportwagon a month

The Koreans, apparently, could not endure the torture by time, and in sufficient detail told the whole world about their first D-class wagon, which they are going to officially represent at the upcoming Geneva Astosalon. Koreans decided to enter the

Americans collect shelby mustang for 740 horses

Americans always proudly demonstrate their cars of fabulous power, rightly believing that a country with the most developed economy simply must the coolest oil cars in the world. And, actually, there are practically no competitors in this direction

The updated uaz patriot failed strength tests, and

Updated UAZ Patriot failed the tests of strength, which recently organized an authoritative publication "Autoreview" on the Dmitrovskaya crash site near Moscow, the results were captured on video and published on youtube. In addition, relevant

Russian sue dealer million for marriage razdatke shnivy

A resident of the Krasnoyarsk Territory did not even imagine how the purchase of a new one would end Chevrolet Levels at the local car dealership of one of the dealers of cars of this brand. It was in early 2012. For the money for shnivy, along with

Volkswagen touran minivan receives r-line package

The Germans decided to extend the sports styling called the R-Line to the practical family car.  Volkswagen Touran. Although practicing a classic approach to car design, where are family values, and where is sport? Completely in different places.

The owners of the automobile brand mg will try to create

The British automaker MG, bought, however, at one time by the Chinese corporation SAIC, is going to begin to compete in the very near future in the SUV segment with the more eminent Nissan, and specifically with the Nissan Beetle and the Nissan
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