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The new french crossover renault kaptur began mass

Вчера на московских мощностях французского автобренда Renault стартовало серийное производство нового crossover. Хотя чисто французским этот автомобиль назвать все-таки нельзя, ведь на всех этапах его разработки принимали активное участие российские

First belarusian electric car

The first "electro sedan" with a reserve of nothing less, namely up to 150 km, was presented by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In a couple of years it is already possible to start mass production of these machines. The first to test

The chinese are going to fit a competitor to our largus

The Russian representative office of the Chinese auto brand "Lifan Motor Rus" reported that their development engineers are engaged today among other things new wagon, который предположительно выйдет в "тираж" ближе к концу будущего года.  При

Thanks to the photospies it became known what the modernized

As always happens shortly before the official presentation, photos of the new French car were leaked to the Web. New - loudly said, because it is a restyled version Citroen C4 sedan. The photos show that the car experienced a certain “cosmetic”

The new generation honda cr-v suv for our car market began

In the North American state of Ohio, at one of the Japanese factories Honda, located under the town of East Liberty, the first crossovers began to go off the assembly line.  Honda CR-Vdesigned specifically for the Russian car market. These are

Ford mustang rtr debuts at sema auto show

American auto giant Ford unveiled the final teaser of the Mustang RTR model in anticipation of its debut tomorrow at the SEMA auto show. On the presented image you can see a more aggressive front bumper and a modified hood. The previous teaser for

Audi a8 2017-2018 year

After several months of advertisements and information rumors, a new fourth-generation Audi A8 officially appeared. Audi unveiled a brand-new A8 sedan at a summit in Barcelona on Tuesday, July 12, which is scheduled for release in late 2017 and the

Manufacturers want to reduce the price of lada granta in

Как сообщило руководство российского автогиганта AVTOVAZ, в следующем году отечественные автолюбители могут купить Ладу Grant at a lower price than what is offered today. The exact size of the reduction is not called, but it is said that the cost of

Citroen chinese office radically upgraded c5 sedan

Demonstrate the results of the French sedan restyling Citroen C5 the Chinese gathered only at the Shanghai Motor Show, which starts just a few days ago. However, Chinese journalists, always eager for sensations, lit up the novelty, not waiting for

Haval decided on the target audience for their suvs

Like any self-respecting company, Haval conducts constant statistical studies of the "relationship" of buyers and cars of its brand. Despite the relative youth of this Chinese auto brand, the Haweilians have already drawn a general portrait of the
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