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Chrysler recalls nearly one and a half million cars. blame

Car concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) initiated the start of the company for the mass recall of cars in which security holes in the multimedia system Uconnect. This is one million four hundred thousand modern cars of various brands, released

It's time for ford fiesta

Where did the German auto developers make omissions, but for the first time in seven years their most popular car Volkswagen Golf in the global car market sold less circulation than the American Ford Fiesta. Yes, yes, for seven years in a row, the

Mazda will create very economical second-generation skyactiv

In just three years, Mazda cars will be equipped with engines that are 30 percent more economical than modern ones. This will be possible due to technological basis. Next generation skyactiv. This development will be made in partnership with Toyota.

Car junk over fifteen years can be banned altogether

The initiative to limit the period of using cars for only fifteen years has come from metropolitan environmentalists, who are not without reason concerned about the health of Mother Nature. We do not take care of nature at all! Other hlamina on

New "niva" can be rearranged to the cart duster

The topic “What will be the new“ Niva ”and whether it will be at all” over the past few years has not been discussed only, probably because of its antiquity, the grandmothers on the access benches. The future of the present legend of the Soviet, and

Communists want to send for the salvation of the russian car

The Russian car industry, which is rolling down for the third year in a row, despite state support programs, may receive a portion of fresh financial "blood" in the form of maternal (family) capital. It is such a proposal - to allow families in

New generation lifan solano will arrive in russia in 2016

New Lifan Solano 2016The Chinese continue to expand into our car market, bringing more and more new models of their cars. In addition to the already sold lineup, deliveries are planned for next year. the new generation Lifan Solano and, if nothing

Rolls-royces, maserati and other luxury cars may soon leave

The automotive segment of the luxury class rarely suffered particularly from economic crises, as it is extremely difficult for people who are able to spend tens of millions of rubles on a car. Today, the Russian car market in all other segments

The germans are about to begin serial production of the

Officially introduce your new serial to the global automotive community. four-door coupewhich is the successor Volkswagen Passat SS, the Germans are going to before the end of this year. And in the mass "circulation" model will go at the beginning

Honda s660 disassembled like pies

And in times of crisis, surprises occur that go against the logic of things. It would seem, who will encroach on Honda Roadsterswhen the drunk ruble has not snored on the dance floor of your dance floor when it is difficult to get a loan and even
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