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Restyled "chetyrehdverka" citroen c4 will come to us in

Survived modernization Citroen C4 sedan will appear in car dealerships of the French auto brand in a month and a half. The developers tried to adapt the car to the Russian conditions as much as possible: the heating received all the glass, including

The 2018 jeep wrangler design is partially declassified.

Foreign media published a “live” image of one of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler prototypes. The picture shows the layout, the design of which was rejected by the developers of the American company Jeep. Experts believe that the new generation of the

Honda’s chinese partners launch honda avancier crossover

Last year, a serial model was officially presented at one of the Chinese auto shows. coupe crossover Honda Avancier. Сегодняшнandй "паркетнandк" andменуется andначе, хотя and является практandческand копandей вышеназванного "японца". Да, дandзайн ему

In the line of the lada grants model will appear in the back

The Lada Grants lineup will soon be replenished with a universal, while in the Lada Kalina series, cars with a similar body will not be produced anymore. In this context, we can safely say that station wagon grants will replace the Kalina wagon.This

The most powerful lada kalina will start selling by december

The most powerful modification of the Russian Lada Kalina today is a sports-class car with the NFR prefix in the title. Completely it looks like this: Lada Kalina NFR, and the actual prefix of Latin letters is decoded as "need for race“that loosely

Skoda will enter into competition with the bmw x4

When the Czechs demonstrate to the world their new Skoda crossover, the BMW X4 will definitely have a serious competitor with whom it will not work, but will have to fight for life and death. And these are not just beautiful words: the eminent

Named russian prices for the updated gelendvagen

An upgraded version of Gelendvagen, received as a result of planned restyling, received more powerful motors in the line of engines. Well and, of course, more impressive prices, from which the unhealthy shock has previously taken. Russian dealers of

Seven-seater volkswagen crossover: new photos and details

The length of the new SUV German brand exceeds 5 meters. The official premiere of the model can take place this fall.Another portion of the images of the new Volkswagen crossover was at the disposal of the Chinese portal Autohome. The main markets

Spy shots of the jeep wrangler pickup posted online

Car spies managed to photograph the new Jeep Wrangler, which differs from the prototype in a completely different form of the cargo hold. The new pickup previously had time to "light up" on spy shots, but then the model was in a test body,

The chinese will soon launch a series of geely emgrand nl-3

Road spaces of the Middle Kingdom very soon will begin to plow Geely Emgrand NL3 premium SUVs. To implement this car in its market, the Chinese are going to the end of this year. As usual with the latest developments, their spy photos always appear
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