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Published rejected design of the new generation jeep

On the Internet were published pictures of the layout of the Jeep Wrangler, which could become a mass car of a new generation, if the manufacturer’s leadership did not reject this design option. However, some stylistic decisions will still be applied

Renault kadjar received a new engine, and renault megane -

Французские инженеры пополнили моторную линейку компактного crossoverа Renault Kadjar еще одним бензиновым двигателем. Параллельно "пятидверка" Рено Меган выпущена в новой комплектации. Соплатформенный Nissanu bald crossover Renault Kadjar previously

Koreans added 100 million dollars to the russian production

Construction of the previously announced stamping shop at the St. Petersburg Hyundai Automobile Plant has come to an end. This is where Koreans will produce parts for their new development - compact crossover Hyundai Creta. Details about the

Tesla will soon show its first electric vehicle

Company Tesla decided to diversify its range of electric cars with a new pickup. Why suddenly developers Tesla pulled on trucks, when not all over the world their cars easily find their buyers? The company's management claims that since pickups are

Swedes have updated volvo v40 compact hatch

Swedish automakers held the last restyling of the Volvo V40 compact hatchback. The updated car will arrive along with other interesting Swedish models and will be officially presented at the showrooms of the Geneva Motor Show in six weeks. As the

On the modernization of the jeep plants invest $ 1 billion

Alliance Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced its intention to spend more than one billion dollars to modernize Jeep plants. It is also planned to create a thousand additional jobs at these enterprises. It is known that $ 350 million from this

Kia will soon launch the new generation picanto

Compact Kia Picanto hatchback will soon be replaced by a generation, it was officially announced at the head office of the Korean brand. The first teaser images of the novelty, on which, at least outwardly, little remains of Kia Picanto previous

On all the configuration of the new hyundai solaris

The local office of the company Hyundai Motor yesterday published price lists for all configurations нового Solaris, которых всего четыре. Базовая сборка будет называться "Active". Под капотом автомобиля покупателя ждет 1,4-литровый 100-сильный

The chinese will no longer sell geely mk and geely mk cross

For April and May, the coffers of Russian dealers of the Chinese auto brand Geely, in which so far there are still models Geely MK and Geely MK Cross, will be freed from them completely. After that, the delivery to us of the modules of these cars and

Citroen c4 is a completely new model.

Engineers of the French automotive industry intend to increase the number of "rich" complete sets to Russia. In September of this year, Russia will receive a new version of the sedan from Citroen. Engineers of the new special version do not yet want
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