Auto repair

What company battery is better for auto

Novice motorists seek to pick up the battery with all the maximum characteristics. However, this approach does not always give the correct result, because what kind of battery (battery) is better for a car depends on various parameters that are not

Restoration of leather car interior

Upholstery leather stresses the dignity of any car. Drivers who love their cars tend to take care of such upholstery, because in a cozy interior, some car owners are sometimes forced to spend several hours a day. If for some reason damage has

10 ways to open a frozen lock on the car

 It often happens that when you go out in the morning on the street, you discover that your car does not open. The reason for everything is the ingress of moisture into the keyhole with its further freezing at sub-zero temperatures. There are many

Details of the engine power system

Система питания автомобиля используется для подготовки топливной смеси. Она состоит из двух элементов: топлива и воздуха. Engine power system выполняет сразу несколько задач: очищение элементов смеси, получение смеси и ее подача к элементам

Pros and cons of zero resistance filter

An ambiguous attitude towards tuning the air system is formed by car enthusiasts seeking to get the most from their car. This is due to the installation of such an element as the air filter of zero resistance (VFNS). Unlike professional athletes, who

Why the immobilizer does not see the key and what to do

A large number of electronics in the car is not in all cases to his advantage. Even protective devices installed in the car to protect the car from theft can block the actions of the car owner. Such actions sometimes happen with electronic ignition

Peugeot 408 cab interior filter replacement

Change the cabin filter on the Peugeot 408 do it yourself Replacing the cabin filter must be done every 20,000 kilometers. It is designed to clean the air from the street inside the car from medium and small particles. Trapped from the street into

Second generation nissan teana with reliable engines

Today we will talk about such new cars as Nissan Teana 2008-2014 years of release, this is the second generation model, a series of J32. Teana is a follower of the legendary Nissan Maxima, who was considered a very reliable car.Now we will figure out

How to recover rights when lost them

In the life of car owners are annoying moments when a driver's license suddenly disappears somewhere. It could be a theft, a loss, or it just fell behind the seat. But, be that as it may, there is nothing to do without rights on the road. And the

Self-windshield replacement

There are unpleasant moments when a small pebble from a vehicle in front flies into your windshield when driving on a busy highway, and leaves a small crack or chip. All would be nothing, but over time the crack will "disperse" throughout the glass,
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