Auto repair

Selection of janitors by car brand

High-quality windscreen visibility is maintained during bad weather with precipitation with windshield wipers. To remove snow or raindrops in cars, you can set different modes of intensity of the wipers. Splashing glass capable and passing oncoming

Repair of fuel pressure regulator

The design of modern cars is very different from previous generations. This is due to the fact that the insides of cars of leading auto companies are literally stuffed with progressive advanced systems that work seamlessly with each other. With the

How to repair a bumper with your own hands

The most dangerous time of year for plastic parts of the body is winter. After all, slippery areas do not leave enough space for maneuvers and sometimes you have to ram snowdrifts or something more solid. In this case, the first affected area of

Making car putty with your own hands

Многие владельцы авто знакомы с таким понятием, как шпаклевка. И у многих из них возникают трудности уже в процессе подготовки своего авто к шпаклевке, обработке царапин и прочем. Постараемся ответить на все часто возникающие вопросы и наиболее

Volvo s60 with mileage and features of its operation

Volvo S60 looks original, it has its own style, in the cabin it is comfortable for both the driver and passengers, safety at a high level. Volvo brand is considered prestigious, in general, the car should be worth attention. But in the secondary

Replacing the cabin filter do-it-yourself

When the windows often mist up in the cabin, the air is poorly ventilated, the stove does not heat efficiently at maximum conditions, then attention should be paid to the cabin filter. Already all modern cars are equipped with such an element of the

Car pioneer - the best models of 2017-2018 year

How nice, sitting behind the wheel of the "iron horse", to enjoy the sounds of your favorite tunes. And although, in modern cars, there are already acoustic systems, often their quality is far from perfect. And then before the motorist the question

Skoda fabia 2006-2014 release - affordable and compact car

The dimensions of the car are compact, the price is good, the Fabia is the cheapest car among the Skoda, and what about the reliability, we will now find out. Since 2008, a huge number of cars Skoda Fabia 2nd generation were released at the Kaluga

Why modern engines break more often than old aspirated

The development of technology and technology for some reason does not affect the reliability of motors. Why is this happening, we now find out.Sophisticated technical designThe requirements for environmental friendliness of engines and fuel

Removing the rear bumper on a sedan and hatchback hyundai

Solaris is available in two body versions (hatchback and sedan), so we consider two types of dismantling bumpers. To dismantle the rear bumper on the sedan will need all the same tool as when removing the front bumper. In preparation for the removal
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