Auto repair

Why webasto does not turn on: possible reasons

Webasto is an irreplaceable thing in the modern world. Happy owners of such a device in the winter period avoid serious problems. But as soon as the system goes down, to no, the question arises, why is Webasto not turned on? In the article we will

Antigravival headlamp protection

There are not rare cases when the car in front of you, often "throws" gravel from under the wheels. At the same time, not only the paintwork of your car suffers, but also the glass of daytime running lights. We can rightly say that installing

Instruction manual webasto

Для европейских автомобилистов instruction manual Webasto уже много лет не является чем-то экзотическим. Ведь очень много автомобилей уже с конвейера идут с такой опцией. Особенно аппарат популярен в Германии, потому что такие предпусковые

Methane on the car - a profitable move

There are 2 types of gas fuel:methane (natural gas);propane-butane mixture.Methane has a gaseous form, in the cylinder it is also in a gaseous state, it is lighter than air and it does not smell. A propane-butane mixture is a liquefied gas, in a

Car charger circuit

A quality car battery is hard to overestimate. However, over time it becomes less capacious and is able to discharge faster. This process is influenced by other factors related to operating conditions. In order not to get into a difficult situation,

Car paint selection and car painting with all the details

The process of choosing paint for a car is very important for every car owner. It often happens that the paintworkers choose the paint incorrectly because of their carelessness, after which some parts of the body (which have been repaired) are

Spacers to increase clearance

Today, many are trying to make their cars as low as possible. It seems to the owner that the lower the car, the more attractive and aggressive it is. But it is worth noting that understatement is a fashion that goes against all the rules and

How a car differential works

Modern cars include a large number of nodes that ensure the efficiency of transport. Most of them are aimed at transferring the power moment from the engine to the wheels. An important role in this chain is played by the differential. To see such a

Catalyst removal

Frequent blockages and the need for periodic cleaning make car owners seriously think about removing the catalyst on a foreign car. New is prohibitively expensive. Some drivers say that its price is equal to used \ in Zhiguli in excellent condition.

The distinction between forged and light alloy wheels

Forged and alloy wheels These two types of rims are made of completely different metals. Alloys are possible from aluminum, but sometimes they can be melted with the addition of magnesium. According to their production, these two types of discs are
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