Auto repair

The principle of operation of the power steering

Power steering (abbreviation GUR) - familiar to most motorists. It refers to the main part of the steering mechanism. In the past, driving a car was a very tedious task, as it was necessary during the sudden change of the trajectory to strain to turn

How not to fall asleep at the wheel during long journeys

As everyone knows, one of the most important reasons for which a considerable number of accidents occur on the roads is considered to be driver drowsiness, due to which the driver’s reaction becomes dull. Accidents due to drowsiness do not occur only

Body repair and painting cars do it yourself

The first impression about the car is most often made by how the body looks. However, in this significant part of the car not only aesthetic properties are concluded, but also it is responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers. In many

How often to change the oil in the gearbox and automatic

The duration of the uninterrupted operation of the vehicle units depends mainly on the intensity of operation and the timely maintenance of each of the nodes. For example, transmission maintenance operations are usually limited to the question of

Competent selection of antifreeze by car brand

Car care is not possible without the use of properly selected consumables. These substances include coolant. It is necessary to maintain not only its sufficient volume, but also to control the quality of the substance poured into the system. The

Do not start the car? check out the starter!

What to do if the car does not start?  The reasons for which the car can not start, a huge amount. Today we consider one of the probable ones - there are brushes on the starter. It happens on foreign cars as well as on domestic cars. You turn the key

What to look for when buying a used car

Before you buy a used car, it is advisable at once during the inspection to look at all her, presumably weak points. But not everyone knows where to look in the first place, and what elements of the car fail faster and will soon require replacement.

Correct running in of a new car with automatic transmission

Today, cars that have come off the assembly line are more concise, have an unusual design and improved interior assembly. An improved technical mechanism requires a special approach and precise adherence to recommendations for operation. The time has

Locking center differential: what is it

A few years ago, the answer to the question of what a differential lock in a car interested SUV owners, now this option is also relevant for classic urban cars. For more efficient transmission work, some car owners, on their own initiative, introduce

How to clean the throttle

Accurate statistics about how many car owners are independently engaged in repairing their car simply do not exist. At the same time, it is safe to say that many do minor repairs themselves out of habit or because of a lack of funds for repairs in
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