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Tuning vaz 2113 (with your own hands you can make the car

Many owners of a new generation of VAZ model range from 2110 to 2115 have probably wondered more than once about tuning their cars. In our article we will take a closer look at tuning the VAZ 2113, what can be improved in it and, most importantly,

Why the diesel engine does not start

Any owner of a car with a diesel engine may face the instability of its work. The engine either simply does not start, or instantly stalls. Sometimes it just works unstable, what makes you nervous. And there can be a lot of reasons for such behavior,

Battery electrolyte composition

For modern acid batteries, the primary medium in which the reactions take place is the electrolyte. From its quantity, temperature, electrochemical characteristics fully depends on the work of the entire battery. For each season, the composition of

How does a gasoline internal combustion engine

On our roads most often you can find cars that consume gasoline and diesel fuel. The time of electric cars is not yet. Therefore, we consider the principle of operation of an internal combustion engine (ICE). Its distinctive feature is the

Toyota hybrid car - is the purchase profitable?

A hybrid car is an ordinary car that is equipped with an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. An additional engine reduces fuel consumption. Both engines in the car Toyota have their advantages and disadvantages. The 3rd generation

Preparing a car for the winter with your own hands

In the autumn, it is necessary to take care not only about the state of one’s health, but also about the state of one’s “iron horse” - a car. Cold, ice, temperature drops and chemical reagents - a small list of factors with which the motorist will

Tuning lada "kalina" looks unusual

This new Volga Automobile Plant appeared recently. It is represented by three body options, such as the universal, hatchback and sedan. For Lada Kalina car tuning is also relevant, as well as for many other cars, such as the VAZ 2106 (tuning which is

How does the carburetor: the device and principle of

For classic models VAZ carburetor device is a pressing issue. Indeed, the quality and durability of most automotive systems depends on the quality of the formed fuel mixture. Repair or maintenance work with the carburetor can be carried out

Overstepping camera - arrow - ct m

Violators of the speed limit felt a new “headache” when there appeared on the roads cameras fixing the speed limit Strelka - ST / M. Even the most expensive anti-radar will not give 100% probability of warning the intruder about approaching the

How to charge the gel battery

Cars that are produced today are significantly different from their predecessors even ten or twenty years ago. Automakers regularly make improvements in many nodes and systems, and the electrical part of the machine is no exception. Since the battery
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