Auto repair

Tuning renault sandero and some improvements on their own

An ideal car has not yet been built, regardless of the cost of the car, there are always some flaws in the car, especially if we are talking about low-cost cars, they always have something to complain about, but now we will deal with fixing various

How to make a compressor for painting a car

It is possible to carry out high-quality painting of the car in garage conditions. To do this, you need to arrange a convenient spray booth, as well as be equipped with the necessary tools. Buying expensive equipment for many car owners is too

The exhaust system of the car allows you to get rid of

Exhaust system автомобиля – комплексная exhaust system непосредственно из камеры сгорания двигателя. В исправном состоянии она оказывает минимальное воздействие на работу мотора авто.The main functions performed by the exhaust system: noise

What is a timing belt

Одним из ключевых механизмов в двигателе внутреннего сгорания является привод газораспределения. Он необходим для вращения распределительного вала и своевременного открывания клапанов в цилиндрах. Каждому автовладельцу не помешает более подробно

Why do we need a corrugation of the muffler and how to

When servicing a car, it is necessary to diagnose problems in time or to prevent breakdowns in various systems. For example, the exhaust system affects not only the environmental parameters, but also determines the level of vibration and is

How to make an air suspension with your own hands on the

In passenger cars, the suspension provides a greater degree of comfort for the driver with passengers, hiding the unevenness of the roads and keeping the car from loosening. Trucks are tuned with a new suspension to reduce the cost of their

Acquisition of the carburetor vaz 2109 at a good price

How many times have the world been told - the carburetor is as thin as the east. Sometimes some owners manage to bring it into such a state that the repair part is simply not subject to. All that remains in such situations is to buy a new one.Not

Types and designation of car lamp caps

A modern car holds a lot of light bulbs. In the vehicle there are devices: for interior lighting, for visibility on the roads and dashboard lights. All of them are distinguished by their unique characteristics and the type of special connecting base.

Chip tuning peugeot 308 do it yourself

The Peugeot 308, recently released for public viewing, was already equipped with a stylish appearance, spacious interior and good dynamics. It has a solid body, stiff suspension and excellent sound insulation, and the central deflector is equipped

Possible causes of oil in engine

If the engine eats oil, the reasons are sometimes quite difficult to identify. Nevertheless, we will try to identify the main factors that may affect the consumption of lubricant in the engine. It should immediately be noted that some oil consumption
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