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No spark vaz 2109 (carburetor) and other problems with

The purpose of this article is not at all to settle in the minds of readers a stereotype that the VAZ is a bad car. Like any representative of the automotive industry, "Nine" has both advantages and disadvantages. And believe me, even the latest

How to quickly sell a car at a bargain price

With the onset of the third millennium, the automobile market is so saturated with cars, both new and used, that it becomes more and more difficult to sell a car. And if we are talking about a used, second-hand vehicle, then there are more and more

Replacing the brake master cylinder on the kia rio

Symptoms of the Kia Rio’s main brake cylinder of a vehicle are the appearance of leaks of brake fluid on the surface of the main brake cylinder (GTZ abbreviated), reduced braking performance for all wheels of the vehicle, lack of wheel unlocking

Ways to increase engine power

Существенное увелandченandе мощностand двandгателя вряд лand ускорandт перемещенandе водandтеля с пассажandрамand в городском режandме. Однако, может дать фору прand старте на светофоре andлand поможет во время обгона. Для того чтобы получandть

Adjusting the carburetor vaz 2109 is important in the repair

Adjusting carburetors is a delicate process and requires some care. In order to get the desired result, adjustment is usually carried out idling. So, here is a standard carburetor for the VAZ 2109:Here the screws of “quantity” and “quality” are

Removing the front bumper on hyundai solaris

At present, most cars have plastic bumpers. If you look at the positive side of the plastic, then if it is damaged, the plastic bumper can be repaired easily enough by the car owner himself. What about the metal bumper hard to say. If you become a

Shoots at the carburetor (vaz 2109) and other carb faults

The carburetor on the nine - a capricious thing. Sometimes he presents extremely unpleasant surprises to his owners. In general, it does not even matter - “Solex” is, or a regular VAZ carburetor. Difficulties arise even with expensive and

Which spark plugs are better to choose

Gasoline engines cannot operate without external sources of ignition of the fuel mixture. Their function in all modern cars perform automotive candles. Many factors influence which spark plugs are better suited for specific operating conditions.

Tuning dodge caravan do it yourself

The car Dodge Caravan has a good popularity, both in Russia and in the CIS and the USA. The car is designed for family trips, so the cabin was restyled for a pleasant and safe ride for all passengers. Such a restyled car is called tuning.The latest

How to repair block abs with your own hands

Automakers strive to make their products as safe as possible for consumers. To do this, almost every vehicle gets a set of all new blocks of electronics and other automation. The presence of ABS in the design of the car is hardly possible to surprise
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