Auto repair

Signs of turbine breakdowns in a car and ways to avoid them

 For every motorist, it is no secret that the technique tends to fail, and the reason for this can be many different factors. With regards to the automotive turbine, it should be noted right away - by itself it cannot break, there is always a reason.

What gear oil is better

Many car owners do not know which transmission oil is better to use, although not only the productivity and quality of the power plant, but also the service life of the transmission as a whole depends on it. After all, all moving parts of the gearbox

How to check the automatic box when buying a car

Before buying a car with mileage, you need to carefully check that all its parts and components, starting with the body and the passenger compartment, and ending with the engine and gearbox, are in good condition. If you prefer a vehicle with an

Why the car battery does not charge well from the generator

The only source of current during the start of the ignition of the car is the battery. With its help, it is possible to start the engine. After this, the load falls on the generator, and the battery switches to the mode of power consumption. Однако,

How to buy a car on credit?

Buying a car takes not only a lot of time, but in most cases, it is far from cheap. Asking "How to buy a car on credit?The first thing that always comes to mind is how to do it right. After all, a loan is a rather scrupulous business, requiring

Electrics for beginners

In modern cars now have a rather complicated circuit of electronics, in turn, it certainly facilitates the whole process of driving and using various options. Initially, the electronics on the car performed the minimum number of tasks, such as

Body types

Time does not stand still, and the automotive industry seeks to create the best projects and bring them to life. Transmission, engine, driving performance, everything is improved every day. So the car body keeps up with the times, and with the desire

How to remove & quot; crickets & quot; inside the car

Many motorists are faced with such an unpleasant problem, as the emergence of extraneous squeaks and knocks in the car. Most often, "crickets" are manifested in domestic cars and used foreign cars. In new cars, noise, as a rule, appears in a year or

How to lubricate the guides of the brake caliper

Rear caliper guides are necessary to perform certain tasks such as monitoring the quality of the brake system and proper braking. But nothing is everlasting, and this part has the ability to quickly wear out, although this is influenced by the model

Posting vaz 2109 - is a complex system

Today we will discuss such a topic as electrical equipment installed on Lada Samara cars. To figure out what and how is arranged in this system, we need a standard VAZ 2109 electrical equipment scheme (carburetor).As we can see, the wiring of the VAZ
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