Auto repair

Ford focus first generation in the secondary market

1st generation Ford Focus became just a legendary car, it was released as much as 8 years around the world. In Russia alone, more than 400 million cars were produced.Therefore, in the secondary market a lot of these cars and their prices are low. And

Change the fuel pump on the ford focus 2 do it yourself

Proper operation of the engine depends directly on the state of the fuel system. When fuel is supplied to the internal combustion engine, the fuel pump plays an important role. The cause of failure of the fuel pump there are many. In this article we

The amount of brake fluid to replace

When buying a new car, the driver is given a special service book. As a rule, such a document contains detailed information about how much brake fluid is needed for replacement and after what specific time period it is recommended to replace it. But

Galvanized car body

When buying a car, the first thing you should pay attention to is, of course, the body. In the event of a breakdown of the engine or electronics system, repairs will cost much less than you repair the body itself. The idea is that if the body began

How to use dokatku in the car

Every driver during a trip sometimes faces tire damage. In such cases, use dokatku - a reduced version of the spare wheel. Dokatka is a disc with a slope that has an uncomplicated tread. Usually a punctured wheel is replaced by a standard spare

We remove scratches on the car with your own hands

The occurrence of scratches on the paintwork is not always the result of carelessness. It plays a role, rather an accident than any regularity. Even the significant experience of the driver can not guarantee the absence of defects on the car. After

How to save gas with special additives

Today, due to the rising cost of gasoline, it is often possible to find a situation where car owners, after buying a rather expensive car, understand that their iron horse spends a considerable amount of money during operation. Moreover, at first

How to choose a car stereo

Fans of good music are often interested in what kind of tape recorder is better to buy in the car. After all, sometimes the mood of the driver depends on this, which can affect the driving safety. In addition, there are some sanitary standards that

How to safely solder the fuel tank on the car

Automobile transport is considered a reliable method of transportation, but this conclusion applies only to serviceable vehicles, because if a serious breakdown occurs, it becomes an uncontrollable source of possible accidents, especially when it

How to make a gathering collapse of their own hands

Adjusting camber and camber is necessary after the repair of the steering or suspension. For example, after replacing the steering gear or tips, racks on front-wheel drive cars. Today it is rare to meet someone who can independently perform this
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