Auto repair

Cleaning the carburetor vaz 2109 - a necessary thing

In this review, we decided to touch upon such a vital topic for car owners as the cleaning of the carburetor VAZ 2109.The carburetor is such a detail that requires a very careful approach and high accuracy in setting and repair. Quite a lot has

Transmission car. automatic and mechanical. what is the

The machine consists of several basic units, which make it possible to create and convert the energy obtained from the combustion of fuel into torque and transfer it to the wheels. These main nodes include transmission.What is a transmission?In

How to replace the electrolyte in the car battery

A large number of cars uses lead serviced batteries in their work. For their full-fledged work, it is necessary to control not only the battery charge level, but also the quality of the electrolyte, the condition of the plates, the level of the

Self-diagnosis of abs malfunctions

By purchasing an imported car, many cannot rejoice in its comfortable operation. Today, the vehicle is comparable to a computer, as it is stuffed with a variety of electronics designed for comfort and reduced risk of accidents. Safety equipment

Do-it-yourself starter retractor repair

Every driver wants to drive a car that behaves predictably from the beginning of turning the key in the ignition lock. But sometimes at this very moment there are troubles with the car. One of the perpetrators of this event may be a relay in the

Choice of alloy wheels

When choosing a light alloy disk, one should take into account not only its beautiful design, but also a number of other very important details. You need to know the diameter of the hole under the hub, the number and location of the mounting holes

Installing the panel vaz 2114 on the vaz 2109 (carburetor)

The topic of today's article is quite interesting. This is the installation of the VAZ 2114 panel on the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) and other experiments with the Nines dashboard.We will not talk about such things as the justification of these actions. In

How to replace the boot inner cv joint

In today's article we will try to consider in detail how to replace the boot of the inner CV joint as correctly as possible on most modern vehicles. Hinges are widespread on all front-wheel drive vehicles. It should be noted that some types of SUVs

Crashed cylinder head gasket: symptoms

The main node in the car is the engine. It consists of two basic metal elements: the cylinder block and the head. In order to ensure maximum tightness of the working processes of the motor, a technological insert is used between the block and the

New car up to 800,000 rubles: a review of several models

To date, the widest class of cars that are supplied by car dealers to the Russian market can be called a price channel of up to 800,000 rubles. New cars up to 800,000 rubles, you can buy various kits and body types. So the segment C (cars up to
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