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Fuel consumption mazda cx 7 is not so big and does not

Let us imagine such a situation: a certain person, choosing a brand new car for himself, suddenly came across the Mazda CX 7. And everything would be fine, because the car has a great view, technical characteristics and functionality also at

Replacing distributor for daewoo matiz

It may be necessary to replace the trembler with the Daewoo Matiz, the problem with its failure, the frequent "disease" of the Matiz is pleased. His replacement is not as problematic as it seems. Let's look at step-by-step instructions for its

The ignition system is very important for a car.

Types of ignition systemsThanks to the car’s ignition system, at a certain moment of engine operation, a spark discharge is applied to the spark plugs. This scheme of the ignition system is used in gasoline engines. In diesel engines, the ignition

What does a contract engine mean

Installing a contract engine is much easier than making an overhaul of an existing one. It should be noted that the overhaul does not give an absolute guarantee to improve its performance. Usually after a major overhaul, the engine's service life is

How to change the radiator stove for vaz 2114

In domestic cars, one of the problem zones is the heating system. It is believed that after a few years of operation, it will be necessary to replace the radiator of the VAZ 2114 stove or model varieties. Proper operation will help restore the

Which compressor to paint the car to choose

Buying a compressor is an important point. Having acquired a quality product, a person will be able to service his car himself. The problem is that Russian and foreign markets offer a huge range of devices. The question arises, which compressor to

Replacing the distributor on daewoo matiz do it yourself

As you know, the distributor or breaker ignition distributor is one of the main elements in the ignition system of any car. If this unit fails, it will be impossible to start the engine. In this article we will consider the procedure of replacing the

The cause of injector failures on a diesel engine

No matter how reliable a diesel engine, it will not last forever. Having reached certain mileage figures, the driver will inevitably encounter increased fuel consumption. Diesel engines are characterized by such a problem and the reason most often -

Starting a diesel engine in winter

In winter, when the air temperature is below - 10 degrees Celsius, the start of the diesel engine becomes a real headache for some motorists. In modern diesel internal combustion engines to help the driver began to install glow plugs. They are

Why brake pads creak

How pleasant it is, when the car does not require attention, the engine runs clearly and evenly, the car listens to the steering wheel, and the suspension does not knock and provides comfort. Such a car is convenient and safe. And now, a person warms
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