Auto repair

How to choose spark plugs for car brand

Работа свечей зажигания в автомобиле становится заметной чаще всего после длительного применения некачественного топлива. Повышается расход бензина, мотор становится менее тяговитым, иногда начинает троить. В этих ситуациях стоит провести первичную

What is the difference from the automatic variator: what is

Many drivers, picking up a new car, deliberately refuse to manual transmission. They can be understood, because moving in traffic jams is much more comfortable without constant tugging of the gear knob. Yes, it is also easier to “fly” along the

How to adjust valve clearance

Proper operation of the gas distribution mechanism affects fuel consumption, the performance of adjacent components and the overall life of car parts. To do this, the car is setting up the system, including the adjustment of the valve clearances.

How to replace a low beam bulb

Drivers often use their vehicles not only during the day, but also at night. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the health of the light optical system. Each light can have an impact on driving safety. Due to dim light or lack of light on any

Specifications opel astra

Cars Opel Astra began its history relatively recently, in 1991. Then they changed the Cadet model that was popular in those years. Currently, the Astra model range is replenished with various cars in a variety of versions. Technical characteristics

Engine cooling system is also an indispensable thing in a

The engine cooling system is designed to carry out the cooling of various engine parts that heat up during its operation. In addition to the main function, the cooling system performs a number of others, such as heating the air for the heating, air

Honda accord 7th generation 2002-2008 in the secondary

Honda Accord with a mileage of 2002-2008 release in the secondary market costs decent money even today, and this is not without reason, powerful motors are installed in this car, the car behaves very playfully, pleasant appearance and beautiful

Polishing car glass from scratches

The main frontal protection of the driver from external negative factors is the windshield. At the same time, it provides the best possible overview of the road situation. Accordingly, two special functions are assigned to this car detail: to be

Running in a new car will ensure its durability.

About such a moment as running a new car, they say a lot. But not all “experts” understand what the car that has just been acquired really needs.Часто появляются мнения, что большинство современных производителей решают эту проблему так называемой

Compressor daewoo dw40l

The main purpose of the DAEWOO DW40L automotive compressor is to inflate the tires of vehicles and sports equipment. The device has a removable digital pressure gauge. With it, you can measure the pressure or set its desired value before starting
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