Auto repair

Tuning carburetor solex 21083 to improve technical

Many motorists prefer to increase the efficiency of the factory carburetor, thereby making a number of improvements.Tuning the carburetor Solex 21083 - a great opportunity to most optimally customize the fuel supply system to suit your preferences

Engine torque what is it

Manufacturers have provided several characteristics of the car, helping to determine the potential performance properties, which are expressed in numerical values. One of them is the engine torque, what it is, we consider next. Although motorists are

Immobilizer - what is it in the car

As the main protection against car theft, most drivers use a popular alarm system. However, in recent years, the popularity of such a device as an immobilizer, what it is in the car, and how the device works, we consider in our article. Premium-class

Adjust the valve at home

In order for the internal combustion engine to work for a long time and without fail, it is necessary to periodically adjust the valve. To do this, it is not necessary to send the car to the service station. Adjustment mechanisms is possible at home.

Little hyundai getz in the secondary market

Hyundai Getz - a compact, comfortable, well-managed car, you can buy it for less than 10 thousand dollars. When these cars first appeared on sale, they began to find their owners very quickly, not only because of the low price.In Hyundai Getz work

The illumination of the instrument panel of the vaz 2114

Feedback from the vehicle helps to monitor the current condition of the vehicle. Domestic and foreign designers performed it in the form of light signal indicators. They can be found in abundance, considering, for example, the instrument panel of the

Three main reasons for the automatic switch box in emergency

The reasons for switching to emergency mode can be divided into three main groups:  First reason Malfunctions in the automatic transmission occurred due to a violation of the norm of transmission fluid. May be underfilling or overflowing. Exceeding

Why do you need engine running after overhaul

The overhaul of the engine violates the established unity of the “used” elements. Boring the cylinder block and installing new elements of the piston group will change the output characteristics of the car. Often the power is reduced almost twice

How to change the valve stem seals

At the station, the masters believe that replacing the valve seals without removing the head is an ineffective preventive measure. Usually the replacement operation in this form helps to get an incomplete picture of the health of the valve mechanism.

How to flush the engine cooling system

To avoid problems with the motor, it is necessary to follow the cooling system. Usually the cooling system is not particularly watched, but in vain. The main thing to remember to check the level of coolant and, if necessary, top it up. But it often
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