Auto repair

Filling the air conditioner in the car with your own hands

Automakers strive to provide maximum comfort for the driver and passengers. It is especially important to create a cozy atmosphere in the car during extreme temperatures in winter and summer. In the first case, the classic car “stove” is used, and

Why troit the engine

The failure of one of the cylinders is not the most common problem of the engine, however, this sometimes happens. The motor construction is also called “missing”, but in essence these are identical concepts. We will try to make out the most likely

Why do i need a car heater from the cigarette lighter

The Russian reality is that the cold season here lasts on average almost half a year. At the same time, you feel comfortable feeling everywhere, including in the car. However, a regular heater does not always cope with its work, it is necessary to

How much is the car battery

Every detail in the car has its own period of operation. The time of effective use of electrical elements, for example, a battery, is affected by both structural factors and operating conditions. We will understand how much a car battery serves under

How to remove the battery from the car

The removal of the battery may be required in different situations. For example, when updating, repairing or selling a car. The disconnection process itself consists of simple and understandable actions. Everyone who knows how to use a screwdriver

Causes of buzzing power steering (gur)

If a newcomer is faced with the buzz of the power steering, then, of course, he often sends his car to the service immediately. But in fact, the cause of the buzz can be identified independently, and then already and eliminate it.  There may be

The most important thing about clearance opel astra

Opel cars are among the most popular cars. And for good reason. They bribe car enthusiasts with their comfort, reliable performance, and easy handling. Very often, the choice of a particular model depends on the clearance of the car. After all, its

Overheating of the engine: how to save the car's motor?

The article discusses the causes and signs of overheating of the engine, disassembled degrees and first actions when the temperature rises, and also gives tips and recommendations on how to properly care for the car's engine to prevent its

Creating a car noise protection

Before carrying out soundproofing measures, the driver must clearly define their main goal. As a result of such works, you can improve the sound of music in the cabin, get rid of creaking noises, improve comfort. On the basis of this, consumables are

What is the cylinder head in the car

Many car owners love their big four-wheeled toys to the extent that they seek to familiarize themselves with all the nodes and systems that make up the vehicle. After reaching the engine compartment, you can find there are many seemingly
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