Auto repair

Replacing freon in the air conditioner do it yourself

The tightness of the air conditioning system in the car, the device is quite reliable, but over time the leak occurs in almost all cars. Causes of freon leak There are several causes of freon leakage. In order to prevent the breakdown of the air

Identification of icons on the dashboard of a car

Modern cars use a fairly friendly and in most cases informative interface. Its basis are the light indicators located directly in front of the driver. To be well versed in what the current system informs a motorist, you need to know the designation

How to find the leakage current in the car with a multimeter

Long-term parking of the car without movement and periodic warming up of the motor can sometimes adversely affect the ability to start it. In response to the key scrolling, clicks from the relay circuit will be heard in the lock, but the engine

How to grind the valve

When repairing the engine, in particular, the cylinder head, it is necessary to do everything in such a way that there is no gap between the parts. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly grind the valve on the car. The work is very time

Replacing fluid gur do it yourself

Modern cars are equipped with power steering. It is mounted both on foreign cars, and on domestic. The most popular models of this unit use the hydraulic principle of operation. With the help of an amplifier, driving safety is improved, as well as

How to check brake pad wear

To the brake system was always normal, you must constantly monitor its components. Since the brake pads work exclusively "for friction", they wear out faster than other parts. It is impossible to say exactly when the wear will occur, the conditional

How to change the windshield

The appearance of cracks / chips on the windshield - attack, which can overtake any car owner. If the repair of cracks on the windshield for some reason fails or is impossible at all, then there is only one way out: to completely change this part.

Robotic gearbox (manual transmission) and its work

In addition to the automatic and mechanical boxes, there are other types of equally used in cars. Such is the robotic gearbox. In common people it is often called the box-robot. This device combines mechanical and automatic functions under one

Nissan patrol with mileage: "disease" and their effective

The Patrol is one of the Nissan veterans that has been produced for 13 years since the end of the nineties. In the new car there were practically no flaws. And the frame is powerful, and the suspension is reliable. The design is time-tested, which,

A knock on the cold - possible causes and their elimination

Quite a common occurrence for motorists is the appearance of a knock on the engine when charging on the "cold". And no matter what the temperature outside. Causes of knocks are quite diverse. If a knock appears on a warm car, and after bringing the
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