Auto repair

Wires for lighting your own hands

During the winter cold there are cases when the battery loses its effectiveness. As a rule, in such cases, motorists resort to the tried and tested method - to light a car. However, this effective method sometimes does not bring the desired result

Local repair of chips and scratches on the car body: how to

Во время эксплуатации авто, даже самый аккуратный водитель не застрахован от сколов и царапин. Эти мелкие неприятности появляются из-за отскакивающих камушков с дорожного полотна, веток и высокой сухой травы. Ситуация не из приятных, так как гравий

I'm starting a wide range of rear-end car?

Owners of semi-sports BMWs, in particular X5 models, often boast of raznoshirokoy tires. There is nothing surprising in this. This type of shoe is typical for many cars, sharpened by the rapid acceleration and extreme driving at high speed. But how

How the engine cooling system works

Working processes of an automobile engine take place at high temperatures, therefore, to ensure its efficiency for a long time, it is necessary to remove excess heat. This function provides the cooling system (CO). In the cold season due to this heat

Features of the purchase of hummer h2 with mileage

A huge SUV with a defiant appearance, with a spacious interior, today you can buy for just a million rubles. Now we will examine in detail whether it is worth buying such a car and what you should pay attention first of all when choosing such a jeep.

What is the lambda probe responsible for?

Cars produced by progressive global companies are hard to imagine without all sorts of sensors and devices that read signals. Such an engineering approach ensures the smooth operation of all systems. Not the last place in the hierarchy of importance

How to determine the failure of the support bearing rack

The front shock absorber struts are structurally fixed with the vehicle body using upper supports. Special format bearings are also involved in this bundle, helping to balance the resulting loads from the wheel. In order for the car to maintain its

The principle of operation of the engine cooling radiator

Modern internal combustion engines are necessarily equipped with cooling systems. The most progressive is the fluid type. This is due to the fact that in the engine block the temperature can reach 1800-2000C. At the same time, only part of the heat

Diesel particulate filter replacement

 Every car needs proper operation of all elements. Full serviceability guarantees the correct fuel consumption, proper power distribution, long life of all parts, safety and more. Particulate filter Modern cars are sharpened by efficiency and small

Ssangyong actyon - change the brake master cylinder with

The master brake cylinder is designed to transfer force by compressing brake fluid to the caliper, which in turn compress the brake pads with disc brakes and unclench with the drum. It is located under the hood of the car from the driver’s side
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