Auto repair

Turbine failure: symptoms and faults

For most car owners, the car is his long-awaited and hotly-loved child. But, as you know, children get sick, and cars tend to break. There is a good and well-known expression: "the disease is easier to prevent than to cure." So with the machines, you

How to check the relay generator regulator

When the voltage relay breaks, problems arise in the operation of electrical equipment. The reasons that caused the failure in the voltage regulator may be many, but the most common of them is boiling of the electrolyte in the battery. The voltage

Which transmission is better: automatic or mechanic

Automatic transmissions are no longer the privilege of expensive premium cars. Already on the DAEWOO Matiz minicar, the manufacturers install an inexpensive automatic transmission, so even buyers of low-cost cars can find out what is better automatic

How to drain gas from a tank

Practically every driver in the process of using a car got into a situation when it was necessary to drain completely or a certain part of the fuel from the fuel tank. In this case, it is really useful to know how to drain gas from a tank quickly and

Engine additives must be used carefully

Про engine additives сказано уже достаточно на многих форумах для автомобилистов. Но мы решили написать статью для тех, кто только интересуется этой темой, но ещё никогда не использовал automotive additives.Additives to the engine. The main

Tuning vaz 21099 is very diverse

Tuning a new, just purchased car is the desire to give it a bright and unique style, to get away from the dullness and mass. But what is the goal pursued by the owners of already used cars, and even discontinued? What, for example, seeks a driver who

When and how to change the brake pads in the car

When replacing the brake pads so that everything goes well and without errors, you should understand how the car's brake system works. Therefore, now we will fully understand the device and functions of the brake system and move on to changing the

Checking high-voltage ignition wires with a multimeter

High-quality work of the car depends on the coherence of all mechanical components and the electrical system of the vehicle. If there is any imbalance, then this affects the operation of the vehicle as a whole. For example, poor-quality high-voltage

How to remove tint

For modern drivers, the issue of toning is one of the most pressing. With the constant tightening of penalties for tinted windows, motorists have to take action. Otherwise, they face a considerable fine and spoiled mood. However, the removal of

Check the spark plugs with their hands on the performance

Spark plugs are an integral element of a gasoline internal combustion engine. The quality of their work depends on the output parameters of the motor. If there are problems with ignition in the car, then one of the first actions of an experienced
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