Auto repair

Cutting the springs on the car with their own hands

Spring check Periodically it is necessary to check the health of the springs on the machine. If body strikes occur on the bridge beam, and the control becomes difficult, then these spring components are worn out. Before diagnosing the components

Which sensor is responsible for engine speed

The motor installed under the hood is considered to be the heart of any car. On the quality of his work depends largely on how the car will be operated. One of the main tasks is to maintain stable speed in different modes. If there is an imbalance of

Replacing generator bearings for mazda 3

If during the operation of the Mazda 3, after certain numbers of the run, you began to hear a strange hum, whistle and other suspicious sounds from under the hood, it is quite possible that they come from the generator. Chances are high that the buzz

What winter tires to buy for cars - choosing tires for cars

When it comes to winter tires, you need to decide what to buy tires, studded, or the so-called "Velcro", as well as decide on the country manufacturer. We will try to understand everything in order.What tires are most often bought?Most often, car

Autoelectrics basics for beginners

Auto electrics, rightly plays a leading role in the proper and safe operation of the car. As mentioned above, the electrician thing is "thin", so quite often it fails. Most often this occurs due to poor-quality contacts, besides in some moving

Volvo xc90 and features of buying a used car

Volvo XC90 is produced to this day, since 2002, there is a suspicion that this car is very successful and reliable even in the secondary market, now we will understand this in detail. All Volvo XC90 cars are assembled in the Swedish city of

Repair turbocharger on their own

Those who love speed and real drive, often prefer cars with turbo engines. The turbine in the car is needed for forcing more air into the engine, which just contributes to the increase in power. But turbo engines have one significant disadvantage -

Symptoms of clutch release bearing failure

One of the elements of the automobile clutch is the release bearing. Thanks to the work of the entire unit, the rotation is transmitted from the power plant to the drive shaft of the gearbox. From the quality of the clutch depends on the smooth

We evaluate the state of the engine by spark plugs

Carrying out a full engine diagnostics is an event that will take a lot of time and can empty your wallet by an impressive amount. You can use modern electronic devices for diagnostics, and you can completely disassemble the engine to the screws and,

Diy car interior cleaning

It is necessary to take care of the car not only by washing it clean out and under the hood, but also to keep it clean. This is necessary not only for hygiene and aesthetics, but also so that dirt does not accumulate in hard-to-reach places. After
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