Auto repair

What is the direct and reverse polarity of the battery

Purchase of parts or various equipment for a car imposes certain obligations on the car owner. It is important to properly deal with this issue, especially if it concerns the electrical part of the machine. Going to the store, it is worthwhile to

How to change the brake fluid in a car with and without abs

The driver is obliged to monitor the performance of all systems responsible for vehicle safety. This will help prevent most accidents on the road. Many works can be done independently. It is especially important to monitor the state of the brake

The gas distribution mechanism is very complex.

Gas distribution mechanism (ГРМ или система газораспределения) необходим для своевременного обеспечения подачи топливно-воздушной смеси или воздуха в цилиндры двигателя, а также для выпуска из цилиндров газов, которые уже отработаны. Механизм

Dsg gearbox - what it is, the pros and cons

Usually, everyone is used to seeing a manual or automatic gearbox in cars. But there is a new generation of gearbox - DSG. Its structure includes both mechanics and automatic gearbox. Differently, it is called semi-automatic or dual-clutch gearbox.

After how much to change the brake pads disc and drum brakes

Modern cars to reduce speed apply mechanisms that use in their design the force of friction, and materials with high frictional properties. At the same time, even high-quality brake pads are subject to wear during operation and need to be replaced

What is a catalyst

Большинство автовладельцев интересуются вопросом, что такое автомобильный катализатор и какую функцию он выполняет только после обнаружения неисправности этой детали. В предложенной статье мы постараемся доступным языком рассказать, why do you need a

Where is the engine temperature sensor

Защиту большинства элементов силовой установки от термической деформации обеспечивает система охлаждения. Ее качественная работа способна значительно повысить ресурс двигателя и не допустить заклинивания. Каждый автомобилист должен знать, where is

Why the engine overheats

Young motorists look at the instrument panel only when they are interested in the level of fuel or the speedometer readings. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the indicator indicating the temperature of the engine. Since overheating of the

Tuning vaz 2108 (tuning eight) with their own hands easier

Issue VAZ 2108 has become a new word in the Soviet automotive industry. It was the first car, which compares favorably with the classic VAZ cars with front-wheel drive. This model was created for a long time, because there were not enough technical

How to flush the engine when changing oil

The question of whether you need to flush the engine when changing the oil, more often worry young car owners. An unequivocal answer to it is impossible to obtain, since everything depends on the operating conditions of the car, the regularity of
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