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Bmw x3 diesel with a manual - an excellent crossover for

The first Bavarian SUV-crossover was the BMW X5, which went into production in 1999, and in 2003 appeared more compact BMW X3. These cars are considered driver cars - in the class of crossovers, they are one of the most frisky.Interestingly in the

How to pick up the battery by car brand

Any modern car is equipped with a battery (battery). Such a rule has virtually no exceptions for gasoline, diesel and especially electric motors. Careful selection of the battery by car brand will need to be done, after specifying all the necessary

Tuning vaz-2170 (lada priora) will improve the standard

Developers and manufacturers of new models of cars often face a dilemma: on the one hand, to make the future car functional and aesthetic, on the other, it is inexpensive. The way out of this situation is the seriality of the model.Hence the desire

Manual transmission (manual transmission) and its purpose

Most drivers do not know firsthand what a manual transmission is. Very often you can hear the abbreviated name of the manual transmission or the common people - the mechanics. This box is a complex mechanism that converts mechanical energy into

What to choose: antifreeze or antifreeze?

When the question “What distinguishes antifreeze and antifreeze?” Is heard, you need to immediately determine that antifreeze is the same antifreeze. Just at some point there was a confusion in terms. Turn to the story.The appearance of

How to check the crankshaft sensor with your own hands

Dear motorists, do you know how important the crankshaft position sensor is to the engine? It is also called a sync sensor. For those who have not thought about this issue, we recommend that you look into the instruction manual and read something

Changing the gearbox oil

Most motorists pay attention to the quality of engine oil in a car, and changing the oil in an automatic transmission often fades into the background. Such neglect of the transmission units can lead to costly repairs. The replacement procedure is

How to change the air filter

Any car with an internal combustion engine mounted on it needs air. This is one of the essential conditions for obtaining a fuel mixture in the combustion chambers. And the better the resulting air, the more coherent and longer the power plant will

Photo waist skin of the car

Выбирая новый автомобиль, каждый отмечал для себя, что одинаковые по характеристикам машины могут существенно отличаться в цене лишь по качеству обивки салона. Более дорогим в этом случае оказывается авто с кожаной отделкой. Для того чтобы привести

Replacing light bulbs and dipped beam on the ford focus 2

Burnt high beam or dipped headlights on a car on cars, today is often a common problem. It is not at all necessary to replace it yourself, without contacting the service center. Let's analyze in turn all the stages of the work being done. Change the
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