Auto repair

Car freshener will make the smell in the cabin more pleasant

Most motorists consider the car their second home, and sometimes they take care of it more often than the first. If the technical condition of the car is often trusted by professionals, then car owners themselves are responsible for the aesthetic. At

Repair and replacement of clutch master cylinder

Cars with manual transmissions after a large run may have problems in the clutch unit, of which the clutch master cylinder is often the cause. Works on its replacement can be carried out by masters at almost any service station. However, the cost of

How to revive a car battery

Automakers strive to ensure a decent life of their products as a whole, as well as their individual elements. However, there are ways to help expand the framework set by these companies. An example is the resuscitation of the main electrical device

Diagnostics of the braking system of the vehicle on the

One of the most important safety systems is the brake system. From its quality depends on the ability to stop in time if there are any obstacles on the way. It is important to keep the brakes in good and predictable condition. To do this, they must

Installing heated seats do it yourself

The cold season in Russia lasts about six months. Although there are regions in the country and with a longer period of winter and a much harsher climate than in the middle belt. In this case, the installation of heated seats is not only not be

Restoring airbags

Increasing comfort in modern cars is inextricably linked to ensuring maximum safety standards for the driver and passengers. In such a situation, it is difficult to do without passive motor vehicles that care about people's life and health. These

The crank mechanism and the engine are nonradiative

The crank mechanism is probably the most important engine system. The purpose of the crank mechanism is to convert the reciprocating motion into rotational and vice versa.All parts of the crank mechanism are divided into two groups: moving and

Bmw 3 series in the back of e46

БМВ – это немецкие и надежные автомобили, которые смогут прослужить очень долго, если хозяин бережно относится к автомобилю и правильно его обслуживает. But в основном, очень часто на рынке можно встретить БМВ 3-й серии в кузове Е46 с проблемами,

Ways to increase the power of cars

The engine works on a simple system: a mixture of fuel and air is injected into the combustion chamber, explodes and pushes the piston down. If you think logically, then to increase the power of the engine, you need either a larger "explosion" or a

How many liters of oil is in the gearbox and where is it

The quality and sufficient amount of lubricating fluid directly affects the performance of components and individual units of the vehicle. Different models of cars need a different amount of lubricating fluid. And how much oil needs to be poured into
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