Auto repair

Replacing fluids in the steering system hyundai santa fe cm

Drain the old oil in Gura on Santa Fe Over time, the fluid in the power steering system loses its properties, and turning the steering wheel becomes difficult. There are cases that the power steering starts to “howl” when turning the steering wheel.

Do-it-yourself nozzle check

The number of cars that have a carburetor under the hood is reduced on the roads from year to year. Modern power plants are equipped with injection systems. To do this, their design uses nozzles. С помощью них обеспечивается точное дозирование

What oil to pour into the transfer case and bridges on

Ssang Yong Kyron is in essence a great SUV for our roads and off-road. A caring car owner, of course, must know the rules for changing the oil in razdatka and the bridges of his “rogue”, otherwise if the oil is not timely replaced, it can get out a

How to change the alternator belt tensioner pulley

At first glance, minor components in the car can significantly affect the performance of entire systems. An example of such work is the alternator belt tensioner. Thanks to him, the force is corrected during the transmission of rotation. In the

Clutch is an important part of your car

Clutch is an important element in the design of the transmission of the car. It is designed to disconnect the transmission from the engine for a short period of time and smoothly connect to change gear. In addition to this basic function, the clutch

Do-it-yourself hall sensor check

Pulse speed sensor, among motorists better known as the Hall sensor, it is very simple in design, but very important element of the ignition system. On modern cars, it replaces the classic contact breaker. On engines with a classic ignition system,

How to connect the radio

For a start it is worth noting that the wrong connection of the car radio can lead to poor-quality sound of weak power or damage to the speaker system. If such a warning does not frighten you and there is a great desire to do everything yourself,

A few tips on how to remove the smell of fume from the mouth

Каждый взрослый знает, что такое перегар, и откуда он берется. Неприятный и резкий запах, дает окружающим понять, что его обладатель накануне весело провел свое время. How to remove the smell of fume, если вам после столь приятного застолья садится с

Device of the carburetor solex 21083 1107010

There is one of the modifications of the Solex carburetor 21083, which is equipped with an automatic sub-pump, thanks to which the fuel system is automatically filled.The driver does not have to pump up the fuel system using the accelerator or the

Jeep grand cherokee 3rd generation (2004-2010 release) with

The third generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee - the penultimate one, produced from 2004 to 2010, was significantly different from its predecessors, because it was built on a platform from a Mercedes. It uses independent front suspension, rack and
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