Auto repair

Do-it-yourself gas tank repair

In the Soviet years, when a small crack or holes were found in the gas tank, drivers, draining the fuel, widened them with a screwdriver to an oval-shaped hole. After that, they picked up a suitable bolt in diameter and twisted it, previously wrapped

The gap between the electrodes of the spark plugs

The apparent simplicity of the spark plug design is somewhat deceptive. In order to provide them with the correct and most functional work, it is necessary to regularly monitor their condition and some preventive measures. In this case, you should

What oil pour into the box machine

High-quality timely service for the car will provide him long-term operation. It is especially important to maintain parts subject to significant mechanical stress, such as shafts, bearings, gears, etc. A significant amount of them is contained in

New cars up to 700,000 are different

When buying a new car, even 30,000 rubles can significantly affect the type of equipment and the availability of additional options, as well as what brand the car will be.New cars up to 700,000 rubles or cars up to 750,000 rubles can be of various

Details about the weight of the car battery: table

The approximate lifetime of an average battery is about three years. After developing your resource unattended models need to be scrapped. Sometimes it is only under such circumstances that the driver is interested and finds out how much the car

Sensor idling vaz 2114 costs about 350 rubles

Each owner of the fourteenth model knows what a VAZ 2114 idling sensor is and how it affects the operation of the car.Sensor idling is provided in order to help the car's engine, dial the required number of revolutions, while it is disconnected from

Winter tires became cheaper in 2017-2018

The end of September 2017 showed that the demand for winter tires rose sharply. By buying winter tires, you can easily determine in which region their cars are “re-seized” before the others. Before the rest, residents of Yekaterinburg and

High fuel consumption vaz 2109 (carburetor), what to do?

There are a lot of different problems with carburetors on the "vases". And one of them is the high fuel consumption of the VAZ 2109 (carburetor).Well, if it so happens that you find such a problem in the operation of your car, it means that the

How to replace the front axle support bearing

Most cars on our roads have a MacPherson suspension. No exception are the products of the domestic auto industry. In its system, an important role is assigned to the support bearings, which are used as a bundle between the vehicle body and the front

Car polishers and how they work

If the car is far from new, then the paint on it looks rather dim, so many car enthusiasts want to make their car as bright as possible so that it looks like new.Of course, there are various detergents, as well as substances that give the car a
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