Auto repair

How to sheathe the steering wheel with their own hands

The most intensively used elements in the cabin are the steering wheel and pedals. The state of the latter is not so noticeable to the driver and passengers, but the steering wheel should always cause pleasant tactile sensations. Pushing the steering

Mini cooper in the secondary market is not very much? - why?

The small Mini car was first created a long time ago - about 50 years ago and was as simple as a door. But in 2001, the German concern BMW, this car was re-released, but the difference in it was the mass compared to the old car: the design became

How to find out the color of the car by vin

Rules of the road allow yourself to choose the color for your own car. This diversity forces motorists to pick up cars based on this parameter. However, if it happens to get a scratch or a dent on the body, then painting is not enough in such a

Why does the battery boil on the car

Бывалые автолюбители, использующие отечественные и иностранные машины, часто встречались с закипанием аккумуляторной батареи. Подобная ситуация может застать любого водителя как вдалеке от дома, так и во время непродолжительной поездки. Разберемся,

The device of the car engine on the principle of nikolaus

"And instead of a heart a fiery motor" Сегодня мы поговорим о таком важном моменте, как car engine unit. Эта деталь по праву считается сердцем любой машины. В настоящее время существует множество различных типов двигателей. Они различаются по ряду

How reliable is the volkswagen passat b6 2005-2010 release

Suffice it to recall how reliable the Volkswagen Passat B3 and B4 generations were, which were produced from 1988 to 1996. A simple design, a million-millionth engine, a manual transmission - all this withstood very solid runs.But today we will talk

Solex carburetor 21083 jets: types and selection

Solex 21083 carburetor jets are presented in the form of two types: fuel and air.Air and fuel jets are opposite in their interaction on the composition and quality of the combustible mixture. In the process of increasing the cross-sectional area of

How much does it cost to paint a car completely

The car is one of the most amazing inventions of mankind. The ability to travel long distances in short periods of time is invaluable. Operation of the same vehicle requires a lot of attention from the driver. It is necessary to monitor not only the

Diy repair of power steering hoses

High pressure hoses are used in pneumatic and hydraulic constructions. In the automotive industry, they are widely used in steering. Thanks to the built-in power steering, the driver has the opportunity not to put a significant load on the steering

How to light a car from another car

Once the driver, sitting in his own car and turning the key in the ignition, hears only a click. The starter does not scroll, the light on the panel is not lit, and the multimedia system is silent - all this together is a consequence of a dead
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