Auto repair

How to change the alternator belt on your own

Full-fledged work of the main power sources in the car depends on the coherence of the whole mechanism. Even such an insignificant detail, as the weak tension of the belt on the generator, can disrupt the system. This applies to both domestic and

Choosing opel corsa with mileage

Small cars in Russia are not in high demand. One of the exceptions is the Opel Corsa, which managed to find its buyer. Under the condition of the careful attitude of the previous owner, it makes sense to take a car with mileage.Advantages of the car

Restyling ford focus 2 sedan: an updated look and new

The Ford Focus is a new generation that replaced the Ecsort retiree. This is one of the best-selling cars in the world, and the peak of its popularity was reached in 2001.Ford Focus was created on the CW170 model platform, the new product appeared

Service life of iridium spark plugs

When it comes time to change the candles in the car, the driver gets a difficult choice: you can get a cheap set of copper or buy something more expensive, but safer. Now iridium spark plugs have made a worthy competition to platinum candles, which

Cruise control in the car: the purpose and features of work

Overcoming long distances on the car requires increased attention from the driver, so with frequent country trips it is better to establish cruise control. The main purpose of this device is to support a certain speed of the car and its adjustment

Needle and solenoid valves carburetor vaz 2109

"Samara" (VAZ 2109), in itself - the car is durable and reliable. And if something “flies”, it is usually the result of extreme temperatures, or improper operation. But time does not spare anyone, even cars. Therefore, one day it may simply not

How the generator works

Responsibility for the supply of electricity to the sources of consumption in a vehicle with an internal combustion engine lies on the generator. Without it, it is almost impossible to imagine a modern motorcycle or car. In the article we will reveal

How the car behaves if the lambda probe does not work

Foreign cars, produced from the 80s, in European or American models already had a lambda probe in their construction. He is involved in the chain of formation of the fuel mixture. The sensor contributes to the balance of its formation. A good driver

How to remove stuck brake disc from the hub

During the application of the aggressive method of driving there is an active wear of the systems and mechanisms of the car. It is important to control in this case the production of elements responsible for safety, in many respects this relates to

How to check the car battery

Equipping a car with a battery not only made life easier for the motorist, but also became a source of additional, well-known specific problems. The main of these problems is the inability to crank the engine and start the car. The good condition of
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