Auto repair

How to repair a silencer without welding with tape

Выхлопная сandстема транспортного средства, как and остальные, частand автомобandля со временем andзнашandвается, но еслand другandе «болячкand» железного коня можно стерпеть, то здесь все andначе. Рев прогоревшего глушandтеля не спутать не с чем. На

Vaz 2109 (carburetor) does not start, what to do?

You woke up on an alarm clock, gathered at work. They took everything, you still have an hour before the start of the working day. You went down to the parking lot, got behind the wheel, turned the ignition key, and you understand that your VAZ 2109

How does the adaptive cruise control in the car

Car giants continue to improve modern cars, introducing an increasing number of security systems. One of them is the adaptive cruise control. It has an important difference from the classic version of such systems. Content1 Adaptive cruise control -

The principle of the car air conditioner

In recent years, in most regions of the country, the summer period has a significant number of extremely hot days. To the rescue of drivers come built-in car air conditioners. They are already being installed by many auto companies, even in a budget

Camera for painting cars with their own hands

After a major body repair or a serious accident, the car usually needs painting. This type of work should be carried out in a specialized room. For those who wish to engage in painting at a sufficiently high level, you can be interested in a painting

Brazing engine cooling radiator

In the cooling system of the car, the most vulnerable element is the radiator. It is located in the front of the engine compartment, and is the first to encounter external mechanical pollution. Sometimes such meetings are fraught with significant

Engine overheating

Serious consequences can lead to overheating of the engine, the elimination of which would entail large costs when visiting a specialized service for car repair. It is enough to follow small rules, and this problem will bypass you. You just need to

Tuning the hatchback ford focus 3: tricks in tuning the

From the moment Ford Focus 3 entered the Russian market, it gained a reputation as a practical and reliable car with excellent speed characteristics, and it is trying to keep that reputation until now.Ford Focus was released a very successful model,

Diy car wash

The cleanliness of the car is not only an aesthetic indicator, but also protects the product from negative environmental factors. Indeed, in the stuck and dried dirt may contain aggressive elements that damage the paintwork. Also, long-term and

How to replace the engine mount

The appearance of any kind of bitch in the car should alert any driver. If, in addition to sounds, vibration is also added, then urgent diagnostics are required. You need to start with a visual inspection on the viewing pit. Such vibrations can most
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