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The best crossovers of 2013

The outgoing 2013 has pleased motorists with many interesting, economical, powerful 2013 crossovers, which we will discuss in this article, dividing them into several categories for convenience. And let's start with the ranking of crossovers 2013,

Transmission of the car and its mission

На техническом языке коробку передач автомобиля можно охарактеризовать, как один из элементов трансмиссии авто. С ее помощью можно изменять крутящий момент в широком диапазоне. Transmission необходима для изменения скорости автомобиля и его курса

What does the color of the spark plugs mean?

Ignition of the air-fuel mixture in gasoline engines is carried out by car candles. A spark is formed between the electrodes on the head after high voltage is applied. After long-term operation, contamination of the contacts is possible, therefore it

Automatic transmission (automatic transmission) and its

One of the types of gearboxes in the car is an automatic transmission. It can be used without the intervention of the driver who drives the vehicle, choosing the gear ratio required for certain driving conditions. This number is caused by many

Where are the fuses in priore: cigarette lighter, stove and

Modern car is a complex set of various components and systems. In it, complex systems working on a mechanical, hydraulic and, of course, electrical principle work in sync and are combined. The search for breakdowns in electrical systems is a rather

How to change the ball joint

Replacing ball bearings is a fairly common procedure. Though not everyone wants to do it, but it is easy to perform the replacement work, and the wear of the ball bearings is not the worst thing that can happen to a car when it is constantly used on

Why does the cabin smell like gasoline and how to remove the

Every driver wants his car to be the most comfortable and cozy. However, besides the visual and audio perception of the car, it is necessary to have a pleasant aroma inside and not be disturbed by the smell of gasoline in the cabin. Indeed, besides

The instrument panel vaz 2114 looks great and almost does

During the operation of the car VAZ 2114, a question may arise regarding the dashboard, especially when the owner of the fourteen decided to do the tuning of the VAZ 2114. If a fault occurs, you need to know how to properly remove and install the VAZ

Replacing the cv joint on the audi a4 do it yourself

After a long and merciless operation of the Audi A4, car owners have to face the breakdown of many parts. Often fails and CV joints - the hinge of equal angular velocities, causing the car wheels in motion due to the transmission of torque when

The principle of operation of the car's clutch

The clutch mechanism is available in any car, no matter what type of gearbox is installed in it. He is constantly affected by huge loads, the node is constantly experiencing shocks. Of course, the clutch that is installed in a car with manual
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