Auto repair

What is a spoiler and what is its role in a modern car?

Spoiler. This word, although it comes from the English word “spoil”, meaning “to spoil,” does not constitute anything bad. Today we will talk about what a spoiler on cars. Speaking of spoilers and rear wings, we mean the parts that are installed on

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission on hyundai

Timely replacement of oil in the automatic transmission on the Hyundai Solaris is one of the most important stages in the maintenance of the vehicle. From its quality depends on the efficiency of the box automatic, the condition and service life of

Engine lubrication system allows to increase the service

One of the most important systems of the car is the engine lubrication system. Between parts of the engine that move in the same plane, a friction force arises. The magnitude of the friction force depends on the accuracy of processing the surfaces of

The principle of operation of the internal combustion engine

The internal combustion engine, which now stands on almost every car in the world, was created so long ago that now it is even difficult to imagine. After all, the date of the first sample of such a unit is considered to be 1860.That is, the

Tiptronic: what is it?

Nowadays, when technology is constantly evolving, many people are wondering what tiptronik. На деле все гораздо проще, tiptronik – это просто разновидность автоматической коробки переключения передач.Вся фишка tiptronikа заключается в том, что в

Second generation land rover freelander in the secondary

Land Rover Freelander The second generation appeared in 2006, and until this year - from 1997, the first generation was produced, which cannot be called a reliable car.Now we will analyze the 2nd generation for possible problems in operation and it

If the tire is flat on the road

Tires have a feature to descend when you do not expect it at all, somewhere far from civilization and at night. And it happens that two tires are pierced at once. Everyone knows that on our tracks you can see everything - there are nails and other

Chinese chery tiggo with mileage is not as bad as it seems

Chinese crossover Chery Tiggo was originally copied from Toyota RAV4. For the first time in Russia, these Chinese crossovers appeared in 2005. Some cars were brought disassembled and assembled already on Avtotor in Kaliningrad.Now these cars are

How to check engine compression

In the proposed article we will try to reveal in detail all the main points of the question, how to check the compression in a car engine. To obtain data on compression in cylinders will require the following tools: compressometer; syringe; candle

How the automatic transmission works

An automatic transmission is a device that provides a choice of gear ratio in accordance with the conditions of the road surface, terrain and speed without the direct participation of the driver. In a car equipped with an automatic transmission, the
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