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Updated subaru xv - 2018 subaru xv: price, start of sales in

The premiere of the restyled version of the Subaru XV 2018 (photo below) took place almost a year ago at the Geneva International Motor Show. Why the manufacturer chose to familiarize themselves with their own products is a European country, it is

Business style: compare volkswagen passat and toyota camry

>Между поклонниками японского и немецкого автопрома уже достаточно долго идёт спор о том, какая модель лучше подходит для российских дорог, и какая обеспечивает больше комфорта — Volkswagen passat или Toyota Camry. Оба автомобиля принадлежат к

Hyundai creta: description, modifications, specifications

Hyundai Creta went on sale in the summer of 2015 at prices up to 1 million 360 thousand rubles. This is a car, made in the back of a crossover and in fact is a renamed and slightly improved model ix25 of the same manufacturer. Apparently, this is due

New 2018-2019 porsche cayenne - porsche cayenne: the third

There are automakers in Germany, the popularity of which truly knows no boundaries - BMW and Mercedes. It is these names that first come to mind to the ordinary driver, not too versed in the features of the European automotive industry. Fame and good

Toyota corolla vs. volkswagen jetta

>Disputes between fans of Japanese and German cars continue to this day, despite the fact that globalization is gradually erasing the boundaries between the national characteristics of vehicles. Therefore, it will be interesting to compare the

Which is better: lada vesta or renault logan

>Rate and compare the ability of these two cars is quite interesting. No matter what happens to be better than Lada Vesta or Renault Logan, the main thing is that this question interests many people, because the competition for the buyer promises

Lighters: mazda 3 and honda civic comparative test

>Cars of this class are not for nothing called "lighters" - despite the lack of additional training, they have powerful engines, well-developed elements of the chassis, as well as optimal steering settings, allowing you to get maximum pleasure

Gemini rivals: a comparison of kia ceed and hyundai i30?

>Если снять с этих автомобилей все фирменные логотипы, то даже самый притязательный автолюбитель не сразу определит, кто из них кто. Ceed and Hyundai i30 буквально братья-близнецы. Особенно популярны эти модели в вариантах кузова hatchback. Что ж,

Comparison of ford kuga and mazda cx-5: duel on equal terms

>It is worth remembering that once a part of Mazda’s shares belonged to the global concern Ford, and firms were constantly exchanging technology, receiving mutual benefits from such cooperation. However, those days are long gone - and now Mazda

Budget car comparison: renault logan vs. chevrolet lacetti

>IntroductionThe modern Russian car market is equipped with a huge variety of vehicles that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers with millions of budgets. However, not every average Russian can afford to purchase an expensive
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