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Does the devil drive prado ... or cherokee? comparison of

>“The steeper the jeep is, the farther it is to run after the tractor,” modern car enthusiast jokes. Is there any truth in this joke, in fact, depends on what kind of SUV you drive. Today the market is full of attractive offers. But if you are

Updated bmw x5 - 2018 bmw x5: prices, start of sales,

In the autumn of 2017, sales of the updated version of the BMW X5 began (the photo below), the most popular crossover of the X family. The reason for the increased attention of fans of high-quality, comfortable and European-safe cars - the best value

New skoda kodiaq - skoda kodiak 2018: will the seven-seater

The new Skoda Kodiaq (photo below), a medium-sized crossover that is extremely popular in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, will soon be available to the domestic car enthusiast - and, remarkably, in the Russian assembly. This was not so long

Blitz duel: ford focus wagon vs. seat leon st fr

>Our next duel of blitz will take place between the Ford Focus Wagon and the Seat Leon ST FR. The authority of the first car speaks for itself. As for the "Spaniard", then for our buyer this is a real "cat in a bag." Let's carry out this

A step above: comparing kia rio and kia cerato

>Often the choice of a car in our country is carried out according to the principle: “The larger the car, the more comfortable, more powerful, faster and safer it is.” However, world statistics suggests the opposite - compact urban cars are

Comparison peugeot 408 and citroen c4

>Сегодня на нашем автомобильном ринге встречаются два француза — Пежо 408 и Ситроен С4. Оба автомобиля собираются в России, в Калуге, примерно равны по стоимости и рассматривать мы будем sedanы. Кстати, существует мнение, что разработка Citroen C4

Battle of asians: we compare great wall hover h5 and

>Несколько лет назад мы не могли представить себе, что китайские автомобили будут напрямую конкурировать с продукцией автомобильных заводов Кореи, Европы и США — однако новый Great Wall Hover H5 уже сконструирован с использованием вполне

Is it important power: compare toyota lc prado and

>In the minds of most people, large SUVs are associated with powerful engines - in many ways, this stereotype was established thanks to American technology and the classic Toyota Land Cruiser, equipped with eight-cylinder powertrains. However, the

One class, different characters: comparison of hyundai

>Why is the title of the national car that decade already belongs to the immortal "Zhiguli"? The answer is extremely simple - the price within 200-250 thousand rubles serves as an excellent incentive, forcing people to vote with not even mind or

Comparison between kia cerato and volkswagen jetta

>Premium premiums are not always meant for huge sedans that have prohibitive value - many people prefer reasonable purchases like the Volkswagen Jetta. This car has proven itself throughout the world - the Jetta is being assembled at more than
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