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Which is better crossover - bmw x5 or volkswagen touareg

>Popular car classes attract major manufacturers. BMW and Volkswagen - one of the best engineering companies in the world - could not ignore the niche of mid-size crossovers. This class of transport is in demand and widely distributed, so there is

Opel astra gtc against kia ceed gt

>After a recent test drive of the Kia Sid GT, held at the Smolensk Ring circuit, it seemed that this car had a bright future. He proved his superiority in the classroom, where the leader was always the Volkswagen Golf GTI. But new cars are coming

Comparison skoda yeti and nissan qashqai

>Despite the constant decline in engine volumes and vehicle dimensions, the world is gaining in popularity with the class of crossovers, which are much less economical than ordinary cars. True, their practicality is much higher — but the question

Chevrolet captiva: technical specifications, photos,

The eminent American concern in 2016 has developed a new model Captiva. Observers claim that from the point of view of restyling, the car has not received any special changes, but this opinion is superficial. Significantly improved technical

What to choose from cars c-class: chevrolet cruze or opel

>Cars C-class in Russia are very popular. And this is not surprising. On the one hand, there is a fairly wide range of economical, well-equipped cars, while prices remain relatively affordable, on the other - the presence of many similar cars can

Compare kia optima and hyundai i40

>Korean companies KIA and Hyundai belong to the same international concern - this allows them to use common technical solutions and even platforms for creating new cars. In the business class segment, an interesting offer that attracts buyers in

Renault captur: specifications, descriptions, photos

Renault Captur was introduced in Geneva in 2013. It was then that the French company for the first time demonstrated a serial model of the new line of mini-crossovers. Renault Captur is an ideal vehicle for the metropolis and trips to the tourist

Lada niva and chevrolet niva - close relatives or just

>Family "Niva" small name does not name. Currently, at least four models of this brand are in consumer demand in the open spaces of Russia and the near abroad. Two of them we now compare. Find out which car is better - Lada Niva or Chevrolet

Compare car - nissan qashqai and mitsubishi asx

>The Nissan Qashqai (Dualis in Japan and Rogue in America), released by a Japanese company in 2006, re-opened a class of vehicles called the compact (urban) crossover. The only successful example of such a car that came out earlier was the Honda

Which car is better: skoda yeti or mitsubishi asx

>Today we would like to try to compare two almost identical “SUVs”. They differ from all other cars, representing the family of compact SUVs, in that they appeared on the market a little later than Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and others recognized by
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