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New infiniti qx70 - infiniti ku x 70 2018: prices, start of

It is difficult to say whether the new 2018 Infiniti QX70 (photo below) belongs to the new generation of the 70th line or is another rebranding, which, to Nissan’s honor (namely this Japanese auto giant owns the Infiniti brand), was not so much. The

Instead of an suv: comparing renault sandero stepway and

>Classic "Niva" and Oise gradually lose their popularity - the country's road infrastructure is developing, and the fuel gradually becomes more expensive, which forces people to consider other cars. However, to give up the status of the owner of

New 2018-2019 ford f-150 ford f-150: prices, configuration,

More than a year ago, at the Detroit International Motor Show, the restyled model of the Ford F-150 pickup truck was presented to the general public, mainly consisting of American motorists (photo below). The time and place of the presentation is not

Adrenaline or comfort: comparison of subaru forester and

>“Very different,” perhaps most motorists will answer this way if you ask them to compare the two running Japanese crossovers Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V. And this is hard to argue. Indeed, there are only three points that combine these two

What to choose: lexus or bmw

>IntroductionTo date, respectable cars are increasingly in demand. Despite their representative status, they are referred both to sports, and to prestigious, and to crossovers, and to universal ones for any life situation. Usually, serious Lexus

Urban fashion: a comparison of the kia sportage and nissan

>Currently, full-size SUVs are no longer so relevant - small crossovers are in vogue, designed exclusively for driving on good asphalt. One of the leaders of world sales in this class is Nissan Qashqai, which attracts consumers with its bright

Compare mitsubishi outlander and toyota rav4

>“Hello, girl, give you a lift?” - not a single beauty can resist such a proposal if it sounds from the salon of a new crossover. SUVs, as they were called in everyday life, occupied a worthy niche in the domestic market. This type of car has

Chery tiggo: description, modifications, specifications

Cherry Tiggo 2016 model year - Chinese compact crossover. This car has a fairly long history. Since 2005, the model was produced in Russia at several factories up to 2008. Today it is produced only at home, but is still supplied to Russia through

New mercedes x-class - mercedes x-class 2018: a complete

The most popular German manufacturer of automotive equipment, Mercedes-Benz, prepared a surprise for Russian drivers: in the beginning of 2018, an elite mid-sized pickup truck, the Mercedes X-class 2018, will appear on the domestic market (photo

What to choose: skoda rapid, kia rio, peugeot 408, ford

>What kind of sedan can be purchased, so that according to its characteristics it is like a Skoda Rapid five-door hatchback, but it cost less? This question was asked to independent experts and buyers. Their opinions diverged. Some suggested that
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