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Which car is better - lada kalina 2 or lada granta

>Now the company AvtoVAZ offers just two modern cars. The first is Lada Kalina, the second version of which was released quite recently. The second car - Granta, which at one time changed the first Kalina. Both cars belong to the class of compact

What to choose: nissan qashqai, subaru xv and kia sportage

>Seven years ago, Nissan sales were incredible. It seemed that "Qashqai" just blew up the market. It was he who became the ancestor of all compact crossovers. Many cars belonging to this class appeared a little later. Their manufacturers tried to

Benchmark chevrolet aveo and chevrolet cruze - ordinary

>The most significant model for Chevrolet is the global car Cruze, which is sold in all countries of the world where there are dealerships of this brand. However, considerable hopes are also placed on Aveo - the compact machine has delighted the

Skoda yeti: description, modification, specifications

In 2009, the Czech model Skoda Yeti literally burst onto the Russian crossover car market. He conquered the Yeti (that is, the "snowman"), first of all, with excellent technical characteristics and comfort, making tangible competition to such models

Compact "germans": volkswagen polo and jetta - which is

>If you have already appreciated the consistent quality of German cars and opted for the Volkswagen concern, then you probably belong to the circle of car enthusiasts who know a lot about really good car brands and at the same time know how to

Comparison nissan terrano and renault duster

>We're the same blood! Yes, that's exactly what Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster would say if they could talk. However, despite consanguinity, both crossovers have different qualities, and the buyers are faced with a really difficult choice,

Comparing ford focus and opel astra - we bet, gentlemen

>As always on the pages of our site, we reduce only worthy opponents in a duel. Today's review is no exception. Your attention will be presented a comparison of Ford Focus and Opel Astra.Ford Focus and Opel Astra - cars that often occupied leading

Out of competition: a comparison of the mazda cx-5 or

>Такие разные и такие похожие. Так смело можно говорить о двух популярных японских SUVах Mazda CX-5 и Mitsubishi Outlander. Это тот редкий случай, когда две машины кардинально отличаются внешне и по характеру, но при этом являются прямыми

New 2018-2019 opel grandland x - opel grandland x: will the

The premiere of a new generation of crossover from Opel - Grandland X (photo below) - was held in the spring of 2017 at the Shanghai International Auto Show. For the company, primarily known as a manufacturer of cars and trucks, the transfer of part

New 2018 lexus lx 570 - lexus lh 570: how deep is the

2018 Lexus LX 570 (photo below) - a full-size premium SUV from the well-known in Japan and beyond Toyota Corporation. The Lexus brand was created by marketers of the company specifically for foreign car enthusiasts (at first, only for the North
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