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A cowboy against an indian, who will win, ranger or amarok?

>Добро пожаловать на наш автомобильный обзор, в котором мы попытаемся выяснить, кто из этих двух стальных гигантов лучше, Рейнджер или Амарок? Казалось бы, Ford Ranger и понятие о ковбоях имеют что-то общее, но при чём тут немецкий автомобиль и

Comparison fiat doblo and ford connect

>More and more families are focused on practical cars, taking this as an example from Europeans and Americans. That is why in our country such a class of vehicles as minivans capable of carrying a large number of passengers is gaining popularity.

Big, powerful ... but not a jeep! honda cr-v and toyota rav4

>The whole world has long been aware of how to impress others by getting “little blood” - for money, they sew labels of famous brands on Chinese-made clothes, remove signs of motor volume and bundling from base cars, and also buy goods that only

What is better for the city: kia cerate or skoda octavia -

>Long gone are the days when a foreign car on our roads was something special. Now a person who has decided to become a car owner is lured to purchase many dozens of models from various manufacturers. “Koreans” are very popular - still, with good

Benchmarking ford focus and toyota corolla: credit history

>Sedanы среднего размера, подобные Ford Focus, обладают репутацией кредитных автомобилей — действительно, их чаще всего приобретают по банковским заёмным программам. Причина этого кроется в недавнем появлении социальной прослойки молодых

Comparison of kia rio and renault sandero: practicality

>Budget class hatchbacks are considered cars that do not buy for luxurious life - they are good for transporting food from the supermarket, family to the country and even transportation of bulky cargo with the rear seats folded. Reviews of the

New 2018-2019 hyundai santa fe - hyundai santa fe 2018:

One of the most prolific Asian manufacturers Hyundai never ceases to please its fans, not only creating new model lines and configurations inside them, but also periodically releasing new generations of existing cars - in particular, Santa Fe 2018

Comparative review of the new skoda rapid and citroen

>New Skoda Rapid can not be attributed neither to a sedan nor a hatchback. In fact, it is something between them - liftback. Despite this, the car is compared to fairly inexpensive sedans. Well, although for some the cost of this car is small, but

New mitsubishi pajero - mitsubishi pajero 2018: exterior,

The Japanese concern Mitsubishi began production of full-size Pajero SUVs in 1982. Since then, the appearance has changed and the interior has been improved, new and new tests have passed through the cars, designers, engineers and designers of

Nissan terrano: technical specifications, photos,

Nissan is a famous manufacturer of cars for different purposes. In principle, Japanese cars, after the formation of the local car industry, quickly gained popularity. There were several reasons for this, including a purely Japanese understanding of
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